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Predictions 2 Years into the Future




 Most Accurate Predictions Two Years into the Future



ENSO Phase Predictions          

El Niño - Neutral - La Niña


Typical Associated Weather Anomalies

 United States and North America - Alaska - Canada - Greenland

British Isles - Europe - Southern Hemisphere including Indonisia, Australia

Two Years into the Future - October 2021 into October 2023

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01 October 2021 Issuance 




 Next El Niño - When It Will Begin or End



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 Predictions Include:     2 Years into the Future

 1.  Dominant weather features for the above regions

 2.  El Nino - La Nina - Neutral Condition predictions

 3.  Climatological features for the event predicted


 United States 2019  in-depth Winter Predictions  more info...

 (snow, Precipitation and Temperatures)        




 Prediction Accuracy  by Organization

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ENSO Overview

ENSO -  El Niño Southern Oscillation


The three phases of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) typically cause changes in regional weather patterns around the world - more info... for more specific information and definitions of El Nino phase, La Nina phase and Neutral phase (also on the current conditons page.

             El Niño                              La Niña

        Warm Phase                      Cold Phase

     Equatorial Pacific Ocean Temperatures

Monitoring Region Niño 4 and 3.4

Typical Warm Phase El Niño

Equatorial South Pacific Ocean

 TV Interview - Professor David Dilley -  Is Climate Change Dangerous?  (August 2015)

 The Rest of the Story   

 Rave reviews - see Climate Page - provides the viewer a full picture and understanding

 of climate change, and cyclical climate change.      YouTube link:  click here

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