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2020 and 2021

Hurricane and Tropical Storm - Landfall Predictions 

 United States - Lesser Antilles

Climate-Pulse Technology by GWO

Cited - Most Accurate Predictions - by Any Major Organization



GWO Predicted Exact Landfall Locations

and Hurricane Strengths

Hanna - Isaias -  Laura - Sally - Delta - Zeta - Eta

7-Months in Advance


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GWO Predicts 9-Months in Advance


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Predicted the Last 17 Landfall Locations

6-8 Months in Advance

Predicted Landfall Hot-Spots

   91%  Correct  in 2019

 100%  Correct  in 2020

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GWO Predicted 6-7 Hurricane Landfalls

in the 5 Predicted Landfall Hot-Spots 

All 5 Hot-Spots have occurred 


2021 Hot-Spots and Zones available Feb. 1 

a more costly and dangerous season expected

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​GWO knew in Advance - where every landfall would occur in 2020

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             2021 Zone Predictions

     United States - Lesser Antilles


     13 Hurricane Zone Predictions here

            U.S. will have 5 Landfalls



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How well GWO Predicted Hurricane Dorian in 2019


    Prediction Released in February 2019

      Composite of GWO's Prediction Zones 3-4-5-6

       North Carolina South through Florida


 Predicted Category 4 hurricane to skirt Florida from  West Palm to Cape Canaveral - then turn northeast

 with Category 2 hurricane along North Carolina coast.

 Red is predicted hurricane conditions - tropical storm conditions wet to dotted line storm track (white line)


Atlantic - Caribbean - Gulf


              Webinar Details

GWO's ClimatePulse Technology Prediction Zones already Knows where

the 2020 Landfalls will Occur

87% Hot Spot Accuracy Since 2009

                       Interactive Webinars   Began Tracking Barry, Michael, Florence and Irma

10 days prior to landfall


  1.  Webinars Look 2 Weeks into the Future - daily if landfall expected

  2.  Ask questions during the webinars

  3.  Daily tracking webinars if storm is expected to landfall 

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  5.  Prediction Zones have an 87% hot spot accuracy since 2009

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  8.  Presented by:  Meteorologists Professor David Dilley and  Brad Sussman  

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 Hurricane or Tropical Storm

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87% Hot-Spot Accuracy Since 2009      


2019 Hurricane Landfall Predictions:   

  1. United States will have 2 Major Impact Hurricanes 

  2. 15 Prediction Zones - will you have a hurricane - or tropical storm

  3. Predicted all landfall locations past 3 years - 6 months in advance

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Will you have a hurricane

will tell you andfall location - category strength

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Your Prediction Includes:

  1. Your purchased zone prediction (13 zones available)

  2. This years hurricane risk for your zone - will it have one

  3. Tropical storm risk - will it have storm conditions

  4. Hurricane strength - if one is expected

  5. Landfall location - if one is expected in your zone

  6. List of similar analog years comparable to this year

  7. Prediction discussion

With added Webinars:    

  1.  About  40 Interactive Outlook and tracking Webinars

Looking 2-weeks into the future

United States - Lesser Antilles - Caribbean  

2.  Ask questions during the Tracking and Weekly (2-week) Outlook

      Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference (May 15)

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                  Press Release:    2019 Hurricane Season  click here     

                  Hurricane Center  Models + More Click Here



How Well GWO Predicted

2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 Hurricane Seasons


GWO predicted 6-months in advance - all landfall locations in 2016 - 2019


2019 - Predicted Category 2-5 Dorian path and landfall

                               Category 1 Barry's exact landfall location

2018 - Predicted Category 4 Michael exact landfall location (Upper Gulf)

                               Category 1 Florence (Carolina's)

2017 - Predicted Category 4 Irma exact landfall location (Western Florida) - Harvey (Texas)

                               Category 1 Nate (Mobile Ala.)

2016 - Predicted Coastal hugging Mathew (Florida-Carolina's) -

Category 1 Hermine (upper Gulf) 


 Average Hurricane Season   11 named storms      6 hurricanes       0.6   U.S.  major impact landfalls


 2019 season                              14 named storms     5 hurricanes         2    U.S.  major impact landfalls (and where)

 2019 prediction by GWO        13 named storms     6 hurricanes         2    U.S.  landfalls (and where)

 other predictions                    9-15 named storms  4-8 hurricanes     do not predict landfalls - or locations

 2018 season                              15 named storms      8 hurricanes         2    U.S.  major impact landfalls (and where)

 2018 prediction by GWO        16 named storms     8 hurricanes         2    U.S.  major impact landfalls (and where)

 other predictions                    12 named storms     5 hurricanes         do not predict landfalls - or locations

 Average Hurricane Season   11 named storms     6  hurricanes       0.6     U.S.  major impact landfalls

 2017 Season                              18 named storms   10  hurricanes         2    U.S.  major impact landfalls (and where)

 2017 Prediction by GWO        16 named storms     8  hurricanes         2    U.S.  major impact landfalls (and where)

 other predictions                    12 named storms      5 hurricanes         do not predict landfalls - or locations


 Average Hurricane Season   11 named storms      6 hurricanes       0.6   U.S.  major impact landfalls

 2016 Season                              15 named storms      7 hurricanes         2    U.S.  major impact landfalls (and where)                                         2016 Prediction by GWO      15 named storms      7 hurricanes         2    U.S.  major impact landfalls (and where) 

   other predictions                  14 named storms       6 hurricanes        do not predict landfalls - or locations




Press Release    5 Months Prior to the Beginning of the 2017 Hurricane Season

Strong 2017 Hurricane Season  - full Press Release  click here

United States will have 6 Named Storm Landfalls

Most Dangerous and Costly Season in at least 12-years  


GWO's Prediction Zones Released in January 2017 and 2018 - Correctly Predicted

Category 4 Michael ( Upper Gulf) and Category 1 Florence (Carolina's)

Great Florida Hurricane of 2017 - breaking out of 12 year quiet period

Texas - breaking out of their 9-year quiet period 

2 Major Impact Hurricanes for the United States (had 2 - Harvey and Irma)

6 Named Storms will make landfall (had 6)


View - Actual Florida Predictions Released in Feb. 2017  click here

Pre-Season Prediction Verification Accuracy by Organization  2009 - 2017   click here 

Prediction Accuracy by Organizations Past 9-Years  2009-2017   click here

Predicted:    9 Months in Advance

2018     Would be another Expensive and Dangerous Season - 

with 2 major impact hurricanes

    Predicted Category 4 Michael (upper Gulf)

    Predicted Category 1 Florence (Carolina's)

    2017   Would be the Most Expensive and Dangerous Season Since 2005

2017     Would have 6 named storm landfalls in 2017 - had 6

2017     El Nino would not develop - Neutral Conditions for the Season

2017     Category 3-4 Hurricane Irma - Great Florida Hurricane of 2017

2017     Category 1 Nate landfall between New Orleans - Mobile

2017     Texas - breaking out of their 9-Year Hurricane Drought

Landfall just above Corpus Christi

2017     Hurricane Conditions for New England -

Super Storm came October 30th with Category 1 conditions

2016     Coastal hugger Category 3 Hurricane Mathew FL-NC

2016     Category 1 Hurricane Hermine (Upper Gulf) with Tropical Storm 

conditions into Zones 8-5-4-3  (Georgia to the Carolina's) 


                                                                      click here for 2016 Review     



Pre-Season Hurricane Accuracy by Organizations        click here 

Hurricane Climatology by Month                                           click here

Hurricane and Weather Graphics                                click here    

GWO's 11 U.S. Zones             Lesser Antilles Zones     Sample Zone Prediction   Prediction Accuracy by Organization  

Prediction comparisons 2009-18 by organi

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