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Will You Have a Hurricane in 2020 ?

Do Not Get Caught by Surprise

GWO's Hot Spot Zone Predictions 91% Correct in 2019

 Predicted 8 Months in advance where these hurricanes would landfall

Dorian 2019 - Barry 2019 - Michael 2018 - Florence 2018 - Harvey 2017 - Irma 2017 - Nate 2017   



          2020 Will Have

     16    named storms (average season 12)

       7    Hurricanes (average season 6) 

       3    Major Hurricanes (average season 1.8)

       1     Major Hurricane landfall 

       5     United States named storm landfalls  

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Actual 2017 Hurricane Zone Prediction


                                                Press Release 2020 - 2021 Seasons

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GWO Already Knows Where the Storms Will Make Landfall

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