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Enhanced - Business Prediction Package 

13 Atlantic Hurricane Zones


Interactive Outlook & all Tracking Webinars

for Businesses Requiring Advance Notice


   2023 Prediction - Atlantic Basin


                              United States will have 2-3 Hurricane Landfalls

    1 Major Hurricane Landfalls Possible


  2023 Season    GWO Prediction     to Date          Season Average           

Named Storms                      11                       -           12-13  Average Season

Hurricanes                              5                        -                  6   Average Season

Major Hurricanes                   2                         -                 2    Average season

U.S. Landfalls                        2-3                      -


Get Ready for the 2023 Season

Available  for Purchase

Includes all 13 Zones - Webinars - Hotspots

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Package Includes

1.   Interactive outlook webinars (about 22) - (typically conducted Monday afternoon)

2.   Interactive tracking webinars (16 to 30)

            Compares computer models and GWO's zone predictions - more accurate landfall

           prediction 10 days prior to landfall

3.   Total webinars - 36 to 52

4.   The 2021 hurricane Hot-Spot map (100% correct 2020 - 91% correct 2019)

5.   All 13 zone predictions - risk for hurricane and/or tropical storm conditions

6.   Most likely landfall location within the zone

7.   El Nino - La Nina or Neutral Conditions prediction

8.   Intermediate outlook or tracking emails - as required

9.   Personal conference call - if requested

      10.   Climatology for the zones

      11.   Prediction discussion and analysis for each zone

      12.  Hot-Spot graphic - where hurricanes will landfalls




            Zone Predictions

        Click the Hurricane


                 Press Release - How Well GWO Predicted the 2020 Season                               


Predicted 6-8 Months in advance - Landfall Locations of All 17 Hurricanes

   Ida 2021 - Nicholas 2021 - Hanna 2020 - Laura 2020 -  Delta 2020 - Zeta 2020  - Sally 2020  -            Ita 2020 - Isaias 2020 - Dorian 2019 - Barry 2019 - Michael 2018 - Florence 2018 - Harvey 2017 - Irma 2017 - Nate 2017




1 United 11

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                      Some of GWO's Customersraphs & more.

Predicted 2020 Hurricane Hot-Spots - act

Hot-Spot Predictions by Zone

100% Correct in 202091% Correct in 2019


Predicted Correctly for 2020

6 United States Hurricane Landfalls (had 6)

1 Major United States Landfall and Location (Category 4 Laura)

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         Pacific "Subsurface"

              Ocean Water  

    Temperature Anomalies

Panels above show the Tropical South Pacific subsurface water temperature during the 7 weeks from 09 November 2021  (top graphic) to 29 December 2021. Cold subsurface water is noted as blue - warm is orange to red.


As noted in the time series (from top to bottom),  The coldest than normal subsurface water (dark blue) is now beginning to shrink on the western side during the past 7 weeks - and the coldest core is not totally reaching the surface.


At the same time an area of much warmer than normal subsurface water is  intensifying in the Western Pacific and is now beginning to move eastward underneath the colder water above.  This area in now entering the West-Central Tropical Pacific and will will continue eastward into the East Central Tropical Pacific during January and into the Eastern Pacific by about February 01.  This will erode the colder water above and end the La Nina. 


Find out when the La Nina will end and transition to El Nino with GWO's 2-year ENSO prediction.


An ocean temperature cycle typically persists for 2 or 3 months and then transitions to another cycle - such as transitioning from cooling and then back to warming.  

Weak ENSO La Nina Conditions are now in place and will continue for a couple months.  


GWO's 2-year prediction discusses changes that will occur from November 2021 into October 2023 - including the next El Nino.

For an El Niño to Form - the subsurface water must warm dramatically in the Western and Central Tropical Pacific - and then expand eastward across the Central Tropical Pacific and finally to near South America. Once the warm subsurface water expands to the Eastern Pacific, it up-wells to the surface (see the 3-panel graphic to the right that shows the formation of the 2015 El Niño.

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