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                                       Typhoon Predictions

                                            2015 and 2016

                         Philippine Island Groups - Western Pacific


                                                   Global Weather Oscillations

                                     Climate Pulse Technology  (patent pending)


                                         Will Your Zone Be Hit by a Typhoon in 2015 ?


  •      Go directly to the GWO Store for your zone prediction - Click here


  •        8 Packages and 3 Prediction Zones (see map below) to Choose From:  - click here to proceed to the Store


                            1.   Choose the Zone or Zones you want - Purchase is per zone                                          

                            2.   Risk Prediction for the occurence of Typhoons and Tropical Storm conditions within the zone

                            3.   Risk predictions expressed in percent ranging from low to high-risk

                            4.   Personalized webinar if all 3 zones are purchased

                            5.   Predictions issued February 1 each year, only release unless a major update is requried (this is rare)

                            6.   Risk predictions for the occurrence of major typhoons and super typhoons

                            7.   Discussion for the current Climate Pulse Cycle and Tropical Cyclone Cycles for each zone

                            8.   GWO Tropical Cyclone guide/manual explaining GWO's predictions and cycles

                            9.   Climatology for each zone

                          10.   Predictions compared to the ARR (Annual Return Risk) for each zone


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                         Prediction Zones for the Philippine Island Groups

                                                                             Click here for Predictions

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