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GWO's Climate Pulse Technology incorporates several factors for determining the climate

patterns and conditons worldwide for the upcoming  1 or 2 years. 

The severity or non severity of the 2020 winter (November 2019 into April 2020)  - is based on

the Natural Climate Pulse similarties to past years, the cooling of the Artic and Antarctic,

the expanding extent of Artic ice, positions of semi-permanent weather features such as the

position and strength of the Icelantic Low Pressure center, position and strength of the

North Atlantic High and Low pressure centers, and the presence or non presence of

an El Nino or La Nina. 

 2020 Winter Predictions    
November 2019 -  March 2020
Global Cooling has Arrived !   


United Kingdom - Ireland - Iceland - Europe  

  •    Winter 2020   (November 2019 into March 2020)
Bonus:  Historical Winters Coming - Predictions for 2020,
2022- 2023, and the period 2030 to 2040
               Major changes are coming during the next several years

     2020 Winter and beyond will some of Europe's 2019 cold and snowy weather return in 2019 ? 


  1. Find out when the Thames and Rhine Rivers will freeze again 

  2. When Europe and British Isles will become much snowier and colder -

reminiscent  of the 1960s

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 Predictions Include:    

  1.  Winter temperatures      (above normal - normal - cold - very cold)

  2.  Snow                                  (near normal or above normal) 

  3.  Discussion and outlook beyond 2020


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  •                   Based on GWO's Climate Pulse Technology - phases of the El Nino,



  • Dynamic TV Interview - Professor David Dilley - meteorologist - climatologist - paleoclimatologist

  • Global Weather Oscillations Inc.

  •                                                                              - called -

    •                                                       "a must see from beginning to end"

    •                            by the world famous "notrickszone, climatedepot and iceagenow"

    •                                            TV Interview August 2015 - David Dilley, CEO Global Weather Oscillations Inc.


    •                                             Is Climate Change Dangerous ?  -  information you have never seen before

    •                                                                                       Surprising Conclusion

    •                                                                                     YouTube link:   click here



    • A dynamic 45 minute interview and presentation by David Dilley, former NOAA Meteorologist and current CEO and senior research scientist - Global Weather Oscillations, Inc.

    • Mr. Dilley gives a presentation on Mind Your Own Business TV with Debi Davis.  The presentation provides the viewer a full picture and understanding of climate change cycles and carbon dioxide cycles.  Mr. Dilley combines his own research with peer reviewed research from other scientists and applies it to what is happening today, and to the likely dangerous climate change that will occur between the years 2019 to 2050.

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