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                                  Hurricane Predictions for 2018 - 2019

                                                    Atlantic Basin and Gulf of Mexico











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                         Detailed information about GWO's hurricane predictions, performance year by year since 2006,

                                Learn more about GWO's technology, hurricane hot spots and individual zones... and much more


  •    Detailed Zone Predictions for - the United States 



                                        Prediction Packages Information
                                    Standard - Premium - Premium Plus

                                                                Predictions Released in December and January for 2018 -2019




            Standard Predictions for 2017:  Highly Recommended for Small Business - Preparedness - Consumer        


                   Hurricane and Tropical Storm Predictions - 11 United States Zones - New England to Texas


                     Includes:       Daily Email Updates and Alerts during the Season - and Much More           


                                   1.   El Nino or La Nina Prediction for the hurricane season - GWO provides the most accurate prediction

                         New  2.   Consultations via email or phone - no extra cost

                                   3.   GWO's zone prediction of your choice - purchase price is per zone

                                   4.   Choose your zones or the entire 80 page handbook for all 11 zones

                                   5.   2017 hurricane and tropical storm risk prediction for the zone - expressed in percent likelihood the event

                                          will occur - and categorized into Risk categories (High-expected to occur), (Moderate - should monitor

                                          but not expected),  or (Low Risk - will not occur)

                                   6.   ASR (annual seasonal risk climatology) - comparison to the GWO prediction

                                   7.   Prediction discussion for the zone - Climate Pulse Cycle         

                                   8.   Historical analog hurricane years that are similar to this year's climate pulse cycle

                                         Will list past hurricanes that struck your zone

                                   9.   Risk predictions expressed in percent ranging from low to high-risk

                                 10.   Risk predictions for hurricane conditions and/or tropical storm conditions

                                 11.   Risk predictions for major hurricanes

                                 12.   Predictions are compared to the ASR (Annual Season Climatological Risk) for each zone

                                 13.   Complete detailed prediction discussion - 

                                                 a.  Discusses active cycles being tracked by GWO's Climate Pulse Hurricane Model

                                                 b.  Will a hurricane hit this zone - and if so, where

                                                 c.  Likely strength of the hurricane

                                 14.  Detailed Climatology - how often hurricanes or tropical storms occur in this zone

                                 15.  Detailed comparison of the climatological occurrences to the GWO prediction for this year 

                                 16.  2017 Prediction Handbook is released near January 15 - individual prediction zones available

                                         around mid-December 

                                 17.  If all 11 zones are purchased - package includes a 70 page prediction manual with hot spot graphics

                                        showing all zones 


          2-Year Premium Predictions:   2- Years into the Future for 2018 and 2019 (near 87% Hot-Spot accuracy)


                        Includes:  All Features in the Standard Prediction package 


                               1.    All Hurricane and Tropical Storm Predictions go out 2 years into the future

                                                                                                     see the cycles coming in and/or going out

                               2.    Personalized - prediction webinar - when 2 or more zones are purchased

                               3.    More detailed discussion of the Hurricane Climate Pulse Cycles 

                               4.    2-year prediction for the ENSO El Nino - La Nina - Neutral Conditions                            

                               5.    If all 11 zones are purchased - package includes a 60 page prediction manual with hot spot graphics

                                      showing all zones 








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