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               "Nationally known Climate Change Speaker"



Climate Change Article August 26, 2016 by CEO David Dilley - called a must see on many sites World-wide  click here

                                                                 Also the "must see" TV interview below

TV Interview of David Dilley CEO of Global Weather Oscillations Inc. August 2015

                                                -   Is Climate Change Dangerous?  (August 2015)  -

         Called a "must See from beginning to end"  by the world famous  "NoTrickZone"

         Note: 45 minute video should be watched from beginning to end to get the full picture and understanding of

         climate change, and to comprehend the ending: dangerous climate change coming after 2019


        Full story and video link: click here    YouTube link:  click here  

        Note: Entire video should be watched, it builds as it progresses and has a dramatic ending.


    Download GWO's free eBook "Natural Climate Pulse"   Please go to the Climate Cycles section to download

     Listen to the 1 Hour Climate Change Interview of CEO David Dilley on WLOB Talk Radio  (Voice of Maine)

            by Debi Davis August 4, 2013


      Video Clips of Mr. Dilley's Climate Change Lecture Boulder Colorado June 2012

                           Video Clips 5 of 17  (see below on this page)



WLOB 1 Hour Climate Change Interview with David Dilley - CEO Global Weather Oscillations - by Debi Davis WLOB Talk Radio          

    Part 1 Audio - No Video  

    Part 2 Audio - No Video  

    Part 3 Audio - No Video  

    Part 4 Audio - No Video  

         Video Clip 1 of 17



        Mr. Dilley at

    recent Climate talk

Video Clip 2 of 17

Mr. Dilley's Introduction

to Climate change

Video Clip 3 of 17

Climate Change

Natural Cycles

Video Clip 4 of 17

​Greenhouse Gases

Video Clip 16 of 17

Global Cooling

Year of no Summer

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