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                    GWO's Prediction Zones

                           Zone 1    New England - Long Island NY (including Metro NYC)-
                           Zone 2    New Jersey - Delaware - Maryland - Virginia
                           Zone 3    Eastern North Carolina (Norfolk VA to Wilmington NC)
                           Zone 4    Southeast North Carolina and South Carolina
                           Zone 5    Georgia south to Daytona Florida
                           Zone 6    Cape Canaveral Florida to near Miami FL
                           Zone 7    Extreme South Florida - Miami south and Keys
                           Zone 8    Florida west coast from Marco Island North
                           Zone 9    FL Panhandle - Alabama - Mississippi - Louisiana
                           Zone 10  Corpus Christi Texas north to Central LA
                           Zone 11  Corpus Christi Texas to 60 nautical miles south of Brownsville Texas
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