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2018  United States 11 Zones & Hot Spots

2018 United States 11 Zones & Hot Spots

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The purchased item will be sent to you via Email within 24 hours of purchase, normally within a few hours.

Package Includes:
1. All 11 prediction zones - Approximate 55 page Prediction Manual with predictions from the New England States south to Florida and west through Texas.
2. Prediction for Hurricane and Tropical Storm conditions within the zone.
3. Personalized - prediction webinar
4. Hot Spot prediction map graphic for the current hurricane season... near 90% accuracy
5. Package includes 1 issuance unless a major update is issued (this is rare).
6. Risk predictions expressed in percent ranging from low to high-risk
7. Risk predictions for hurricane conditions and/or tropical storm conditions
8. Risk predictions for major hurricanes
9. Discussion for the current Climate Pulse Cycle and Tropical Cyclone Cycles for current year.
10. GWO Tropical Cyclone guide/manual explaining GWO's predictions and cycles - approximately 55 pages
11. Climatology for each zone
12. Predictions compared to the ARR (Annual Return Risk) for each zone
13. El Nino - La Nina - Neutral conditions - prediction for the upcoming hurricane season.
  • Details

    GWO's Prediction Zones
     Zone 1 New England - Long Island NY (including Metro NYC)-
    Zone 2 New Jersey - Delaware - Maryland - Virginia
    Zone 3 Eastern North Carolina (Norfolk VA to Wilmington NC)
    Zone 4 Southeast North Carolina and South Carolina
    Zone 5 Georgia south to Daytona Florida
    Zone 6 Cape Canaveral Florida to near Miami FL
    Zone 7 Extreme South Florida - Miami south and Keys
    Zone 8 Florida west coast from Marco Island North
    Zone 9 FL Panhandle - Alabama - Mississippi - Louisiana
    Zone 10 Corpus Christi Texas north to Central LA
    Zone 11 Corpus Christi Texas to 60 nautical miles south of Brownsville Texas
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