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El Nino 2-Year Prediction

El Nino 2-Year Prediction

This is a 2-year prediction for ENSO events (El Nino, La Nina and Neutral),  Produced by GWO, updated for purchase every 3 months. .  The predictions are not only for the events, but also talks about ocean temperatures in general and the influence of the ocean temperatures in combination with cycles of Global Warming and Global Cooling - and impacts on regional weather such as Europe, Canada, United States, Australia.  


Product includes the graphic shown with GWO's prediction 24 months into the future. The prediction is for the Tropical South Pacific Ocean water temperature prediction for the area Nino 3.4 where El Nino events typically form. The prediction also includes graphics showing typical climate conditions around the world during the prediction period. Prediction is for either an El Nino, Neutral ENSO conditions, or La Nina. Additional information includes 4 graphics that show typical Global temperature and precipitation patterns for the event predicted during the forecast period. Purchase is for 1 issuance. Predictions are prepared every 2 to 3 months. ...This product is for your "Internal" use.... ...mass distribution is prohibited by Global Weather Oscillations unless specifically authorized by GWO... Copyright 2020...

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