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TV Interview Video - "is Climate Change Dangerous?"
Ebook "Natural Climate Pulse" - Climate Change - Hurricane Cycles'



Posted August 12, 2015

From the "NoTricksZone"  click link here

A must read article and must see Video.

We Are Now Starting To See A Dramatic Cooling In The Arctic”,  Says Former NOAA Meteorologist …”Extremely Cold” From 2025 To 2050! - See more at:

August 12, 2015  - "I highly recommend this powerful presentation and video-

Ron Greer

AUGUST 16, 2015 AT 7:38 AM - Well worth watching indeed. Style and content right on the ball


R. de Haan

AUGUST 16, 2015 AT 7:37 AM - A really great presentation that connects the dots and explains the principle mechanisms end forces that make our climate even for layman to understand.


Willard Ferch

AUGUST 16, 2015 AT 7:20 AM - Finally!. a real well put-together convincing report. Although it is so irrefutable, Algore & Obama will ignore it; it doesn’t suit their purpose. When it finally sinks in, they’ll resort to lying that they’d warned of “climate change” all along. And many of their devout sheeple will believe them! Fiddlin



AUGUST 16, 2015 AT 7:09 AM - Extremely effective presentation. And persuasive. Thanks!



AUGUST 16, 2015 AT 4:28 AM - NOAA and NASA.. KNOW its cooling..paid to shutup and lie of course!



AUGUST 16, 2015 AT 4:14 AM - well done collation of facts - sent round to my mail list 



AUGUST 16, 2015 AT 12:33 AM -Good summary, this site has discussed many of the highlighted individual issues over the preceding couple of years.  Bullitt points 23 to 32 are an indictment of the corrupt Green junta running the USA at the moment, a cozy corrupt relationship between a biased Green Terrorist Media Press owned by a few Green Agenda 21 nutters, and the Democrat Gullible Warmist Government who will do anything to stay in power, at any cost.


Jay Hope

AUGUST 15, 2015 AT 2:48 PM - Great stuff. Wonder if it will find its way to the Wattsupwiththat site? Don’t think so!


Posted October 24, 2012
The Great Decisions Discussions Group at the York County (Maine) Senior College, very much appreciated Mr. David Dilley's  lecture October 2012 on his eBook "Earth's Natural Climate Pulse".
Our discussion group seeks to broaden our knowledge of national and world issues.
Our basic knowledge of global warming had been influenced by the IPCC and media, regarding man-made warming.
The chart presentations showing cyclic variations of CO2 through thousands of years, global warming-cooling cycles and historic weather patterns in the past, made us aware that weather has a natural cyclic pattern.
Man-made global warming as presented by the media and the political establishment, will no longer be accepted as it had been in the past. We are now discussing global warming with friends and family from a new perspective.

We thank David Dilley for sharing his work with us.

 Charles Kokernak
 York County Senior College, Affiliate University of Maine.

Posted April 24, 2012

Just finished reading your up-dated "Global Warming, Natural Causes Found" and found it fascinating! Not only did I get an education on weather cycles, but I also learned about plant biology and photosynthesis. WOW.
No kidding, this is a great read, and should be easily understood by any high school graduate. I just hope the pin heads at IPCC take the time to read and accept a document written by someone outside their cloistered community.  
Marcel Verando
Ocala Florida

Posted 2009

By Barb Johnson,  Maine Board Member "Save Our Shores"  (S.O.S.) Wells Maine

At the S.O.S. 2009 summer meeting, David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations presented data from ice core drilling revealing more than sufficient grounds to question the more radical predictions about climate change trends and resultant sea level rise.  Just to touch on a couple of highlights.  Mr. Dilley presented data revealing a natural pattern of warming cycles followed by cooling cycles across thousands of years.  The ice cores analyzed also revealed that carbon dioxide levels have frequently been about the same as those of today.  I am no scientist, but when I’m presented with a simple graph based on data collected and analyzed by respectable scientists, it became clear to me that we are not getting the full story from our loudest and most famous media outlets and celebrities.

If you have internet access, check out David Dilley’s web site at

Posted April 17, 2012

Purchased your book and I think it is well thought out and a breath of fresh air.
Douglas Evansen

Posted March 30, 2012
Amazing, did not know the facts behind grant research and governments, extremely informing.  Great graphics on carbon dioxide, past cycles of temperature and carbon dioxide.  Overall a very informative book discussing many science facts and information not covered by the media. Really enlightened me on the role of government in the climate change debate, and the manipulation universities and press.
Chris Shaw
Retired school teacher

Posted January 30, 2012

In his booklet, “Natural Climate Pulse”, Mr. David Dilley exposes the true intent of the IPCC and other global warming advocates which breaks down into two parts; governmental control and monetary gain.
Mr. Dilley shows through vast scientific research how there are natural cycles of global warming and cooling and that man-made emissions are actually beneficial to the health of our environment. I urge anyone with concerns about global climatic conditions to obtain any study this booklet.
Ronald Bujok
Retired meteorologist
40+ years of experience

Posted January 21, 2012
Really shows the IPCC man-made global warming is simply a hypothesis, and breakdown of the grant system to study man-made global warming is an excellent touch that I do not see in other reports. The fact that water vapor is the strongest greenhouse gas is huge to learn, and is a nice way for people to begin to put carbon dioxide in context, graph adds a wow factor. Interesting point on earth as oxygen starved due to the lack of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. I love the showing of larger cycles that are beyond human influence from here to the end of the paper, the graphs and data are well placed and scientific enough without losing the laymen in the noise… and the work done on Natural Climate Pulse is a very interesting way to show peaks and cycles (well done).
Jesse Jones
Producer of the Documentary Film
the Boy Who Cried Warming (will be released in March 2012)

Posted April 10 2011
I had the privilege of seeing you speak in person, and then reading your e-book online.  Want all to know your talks are exceedingly better and more up to date than the book, especially the newer graphics you have in your traveling presentations.  Would recommend all to have you speak in person, you certainly will  not see this information on TV or in the newspapers.

Charles Roberts
Ocala, Florida USA

Posted December 20. 2009
Your book fascinates me and I am curious to know more.  I believe this work is a very honest mathematical description of Global historic temperatures and climates cycles and fits well within the historical temperature readings of the last century.  I would like to know more detail and a deeper understandings of this work.

Russell Fairlamb
Lake Stevens, Washington USA

Posted December 2009

Quoted from blog site "another man in the climate prediction business is David Dilley, a US meteorologist who has studied lunar influences on climate evolution during two decades.  He has an e-book and information on the net.  It is my persuasion that both these gentlemen are approaching a true way of predicting climate to the future benefit of mankind.  You should read David Dilley´s e-book, not for gaining by any predictions in the first place, but for gaining knowledge about one important, not to say  a dominant factor for some types of climate predictions.  Extraterrestrial forces cannot be excluded in climate predictions or the predictions are doomed to fail. The influence of extraterrestrial factors were emphasized in my doctorial thesis "Wind Controlled Climate, 1998, Stockholm University.

Lunar influence was pointed out already in 1914 by the Swedish oceanographer Otto Pettersson who also made a work very similar to the one David Dilley has performed regarding the interactions of several quasi cyclic forcing's over lapping each other.  We have reached the top (global) temperature this time and is going down from now on says David.  Interested members should follow David´s predictions for the benefit of future reports on climate prediction. The matter is far from easy but very exciting and it should be especially exciting for IPCC to follow climate predictions from two private entrepreneurs who are independent of governmental funding.
All the best,

Hans Jelbring
Stockholm, Sweden

Posted September 2008
"David Dilly has crunched the numbers and the results are in. The moon, sun and their gravitational cycles control global warming and cooling on Earth. Throughout history, man has understood that our nearest celestial neighbor holds sway over our planet in many ways. Now with this ground breaking research, the code has been cracked and the main driver of climate change is exposed. Written in plain English, with easy to understand graphics and charts, David's book shows the undeniable connection between our climate and the moon's influence. "My only hope is that we can get this information to the masses and/or the politicians before our government implements some ridiculous global warming policies that kill our economy" "Once this information is understood by the masses, we can expect a paradigm shift in all current thinking on climate, but will it happen soon enough to save our economy from misguided government policies? Only time will tell..."
The book is definitely worth a read, and the information contained within definitely has the potential to be world changing. Buy the book and read it. Tell your friends and associates, post on blogs, write letters to newspaper editors, etc."

Owen Lawson
Richmond VA, USA

Posted October 2009
"To my fellow viewers of this web site, there is convincing evidence that global warming is a natural event. Actually, we are heading into a cooling cycle. This cycle will cool down the earth to level of extreme in some cases. I strongly encourage you to purchase Mr. Dilley's e-book and read it with mind that there is nothing to worry about. I myself used to get anxiety attacks about global warming because I was being convinced that it was due to fossil fuels. Once I met David, those attacks went away. I hope that all who read this will consider to buy his e-book for only 9.95, to explain to you, how and why global warming is happening, or was, and how global cooling is beginning. I am a freshman in high school and although the book was written for both the science research field and students, it was written in such a way to be easily understood by all."

Lewisburg PA, USA

Posted July 9, 2009
Fantastic book outlining natural cycles of carbon dioxide and earth's cyclical temperatures.  Mr. Dilley's book is loaded with graphs and charts which show in detail past cycles, extremely informative and provides a basis and hypothesis for a natural forcing mechanism controlling climate.  I do recommend this book for all to read, you certainly will not find this information in mainstream journals or the media.  His findings are so logical, very surprising other  researchers have not  picked up on this, especially the IPCC and the  government.  I applaud his findings.

Ray Ormond
Scarborough, Maine USA

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