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David A. Dilley

President and Chief Research Scientist
Global Weather Oscillations, Inc.

Mr. Dilley is President and Founder of Global Weather Oscillations, Inc (GWO) .
He has 42 years of meteorological and climatological experience in:
·         Preparing meteorological forecasts
·         Development of cutting edge weather and climate cycle models for GWO
          Hurricane track forecasting 4-years in advance (most accurate long-range forecasts available)
·         Regional earthquake predictions
·         El Niiño and La Niña forecasting
·         Global cooling and warming cycles
·         Climate cycle forecasting
Presentations and Speaker appearances "Natural Climate Change"
Researching natural forcing mechanisms that drive climate changes

Thomas P. McGuire, National Weather Service (Retired.), is a senior consultant to GWO and to DBS Weather Impact Corp., and was the National Weatther Service Area Manager for Southern New England. He has a B. A. Degree in Meteorology from New York University.  Mr. McGuire is a member of the American Meteorology Society and a Charter member of the National Weather Association

David B. Spiegler is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) and a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) who has developed several analysis and prediction techniques that have been used, and are used, operationally under contract with U.S. Government agencies. He has a M.S. Degree in Meteorology from New York University.

Mr. Spiegler's website is found at



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