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    ......  Available for Purchase January 15, 2015  .......

                                                      Zone 10 Predictions


              Western Louisiana and the Texas Coast south to Corpus Christi


                                Prediction will be Emailed:   within 24 hours        

                               to the email address shown on the payment


Instructions:   1.   Click the Buy Now button - Consumer Economy  or  Corporate

                               Note:  "You do not have to be a member of PayPal"


                         2.   Important:  Prediction will be Emailed within 24 hours.

                               Make sure you have the desired email address on purchase


                                              Zone 10 -Consumer Economy                      Zone 10 - Corporate    

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Consumer Economy  - Price Reduction

due to expected severity of the season and to better serve your community

was $500   now only $49.97

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