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The predictions released by Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) on December 15, 2012 predicted a high risk for tropical storm activity within the Red Hot Zone on the graphic below.  GWO did not predict a hurricane land-fall for 2013.


Although there was not any hurricane activity along the United States coastal areas in 2013,  tropical storm and depression activity caused the wettest summer on record within the hot spot area.  One hurricane (Ingrid) came onshore as a tropical storm in central Mexico.


The 2013 season was very similar to the 2009 season that experienced an El Nino.  GWO predicted El Nino like atmospheric conditons that would limit the 2013 season by causing unfriendly winsdshear in the upper atmosphere. The windshear dominated the season and did not allow storms to develop into hurricanes close to the United States shoreline.


GWO was the only organization that called for under 14 named storms in this somewhat quiet season.

Figure 2 -"2013 Hot Spot" Predictions for Tropical Storms

                      No Hurricane Landfalls were predicted

      GWO predictions are released in December prior to the season.

      GWO predicted there would not be any hurricanes influencing

      the United States in 2013, but GWO did predict a "High Risk"

      Hot Spot area for tropical storm activity within the area.


               2013  Tropical Storm "Hot Spot" Predictions

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