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GWO's Capabilities and Prediction Models

GWO is a leading research company in the field of Natural Cycles, and the "only" company with *Climate Pulse Technology (patent pending)for accuarte hurricane cycle predictions extending out 4 years into the future.

GWO provides accurate long range climate planning forecasts based on the "PFM"  Primary Forcing Mechanism that controls the Earth's Natural Climate Pulse.   Discovered and researched by Mr. Dilley of GWO, the "PFM" is the triggering mechanism that controls recurring cycles of the El Niño, regional hurricane landfalls, regional historical floods, climate change cycles, and other weather/climate cycles such as seasonal hurricane tracks and landfalls.

GWO’s climate prediction models incoporate hstorical weather/climate data and the PFM cycles for determination of historical and future analog years (historical event years similar to one in a future year).  

​​​​​​​​​​​​Predicton Accuracy

GWO's predictions models are proven accurate in determining tropical cyclone landfall cycles.

In 2009, a full 16 months before the 2011 hurricane season, GWO predicted a major impact storm would strike  Zone 1 (Long Island, NY and the southern New England coasts) during the 2011 hurricane season.  The storm was called Hurricane Irene in 2011.  Also in 2009, GWO predicted another major storm would strike the Northeast States in 2012 and it would likely be a "Hybrid Hurricane.  The prediction was nearly 3 years in advance of the storm, and it ended up being called "Super Storm Sandy".   Only GWO predicted a quieter 2013 season with wind shear limiting storm


                                                     Correctlly Predicted - 1 to 3 Years in Advance

                                                               2008  Hurricane Ike
                                                               2009  El Nino - No Hurricane Strikes
                                                               2011  the Great Mississippi River Flood
                                                               2011  Hurricane Irene
                                                               2012  Hurricane Issac
                                                               2012  Hurricane Sandy
                                                               2013  California Earthquake ?
2013   GWO was the only organization that predicted strong wind shear

                                                                                    to limit tropical cyclone formation for the 2013 season

                                                                        2013   GWO predicted leass than 14 named storms - no one else did

                                                                        2014   Only organization to predicte there would not be an El Nino

                                                                        2015   Predicted 10 Named storms - there were  10


                  During the past 7 hurricane seasons, GWO has a near 85% accuracy  predicting 

                               which of the 11 forecast zones will be s for tropical cyclone activity.

Services Provided by GWO

1 .   Hurricane and Tropical Storm Predictions ... 4 Years into the Future

2.    Hurricane, Tropical Storm and Major Hurricane Predictions for

       11 coastal hurricane zones from Maine to northern Mexico

                     Near 85% "hot zone" forecast accuracy​  


3.    Risk planning for insurance and Reinsurance companies, and other

       companies and institutions which require long-range risk and

       response planning.

4.    El Niño predictions 1 to 10  years in advance.

5.   Regional Earthquake predictions for major earthquakes 1 to 25 years in advance

6.   Natural Cycle Predictions

7.   Climate Change Global Warming and Global Cooling predicitons of Natural Cycles

8.   Climate Change Speakers, "Earth's Natural Climate Pulse"

9.   Regional Drought forecasts 1 to 10 years in advance

10   Specialized Forecasts for" contact us for more information

11  Regional historical flood​ forecasting for historical events.

12  Presentations on Earth's Natural Climate Pulse - climate change and carbon dioxide cycles.

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