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Accurate Hurricane Risk Prediction Service

Predictions for Hurricanes and Tropical Storm Conditions
1 to 2-years in Advance

Reduce your Risks and Enhance Your Bottom Line!

Unique Predictions for 11 Coastal Zones



​             GWO is the "only" Company with *Climate Pulse Technology (patent pending) for Producing

                                                                    Accurate 4-year Predictions

We have developed a UNIQUE hurricane risk probability prediction technique for eleven (11) specific coastal zones from the the northeast states of New England to Texas. While other organizations and forecasters make seasonal predictions for the number of named tropical cyclones and hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf, they DO NOT normally include any information on the liklehood of a storm or hurricane striking a specfic coastal zone or location. GWO, however, by using proprietory technology developed by GWO and Mr. Dilley, does provide accurate predictions of hurricane risks up to 4 years into the future for each of the 11 coastal zones on the east coast and Gulf Coast of the United States.

Advantages of GWO’s early release dates for 2018 predictions, and predictions 3 years into the future:

  1. 1.  2018 predictions for eleven coastal zones available January 15, 2018. 

  2. 2.  Predictions for the season following the upcoming season allows you to plan contracts and planning needs a
                        full 1 to 3 years in advance.

  3. 3.  Predictions released in time for contract negotiations and planning purposes a full 6 to 8 months prior to the
                        upcoming hurricane season.  

  4. 4.  Predictions are available for a single zone, multiple zone or for all zones.

  5. 5.  Check the available zone maps for your location

GWO's Technology

GWO provides accurate long lange climate planning predictions based on the "PFM"  Primary Forcing Mechanism for Climate that controls the Earth's Natural Climate Pulse.  David Dilley of GWO, has shown the PFM to be a powerful forcing mechanism that determines the meandering positons of the Atlantic and Pacific High Pressure centers from one year to the next, and in turn, cyclical hurricane tracks as determined by cycles of the PFM and Natural Climate Pulse. 

Perfomance of the GWO Predictions Since 2006 (individual years available on the Performacne page)

GWO has a near 90% Hot Spot accuracy since 2006. The Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM), discovered and researched by GWO, is the triggering mechanism that controls recurring cycles of the Earth Natural Climate Pulse, the El Niño, regional hurricane landfalls and other weather/climate cycles.  GWO’s model uses PFM analog years which are proven accurate in determining tropical cyclone landfall cycles. In 2010, the PFM model predicted a major impact storm in 2011 for Zone 1 (Long Island, NY and the southern New England coasts), a full 16 months in advance of the hurricane season.

                                            Correctlly Predicted - 1 to 3 Years in Advance

                                                        2008  Hurricane Ike
                                                        2009  El Nino - No Hurricane Strikes
                                                        2011  the Great Mississippi River Flood
                                                        2011  Hurricane Irene
                                                        2012  Hurricane Issac
                                                        2012  Hurricane Sandy
                                                        2013  California Earthquake ?
                                                        2013  Hurricane ?

                                                        2014  Only organization that correctly predicted there would not be an El Nino in 2014

                                                        2015  The El Nino and weak season

                                                        2016  Hurricanes Mathew and Hermine

                                                        2017  Coastal Hugger Hurricane Mathew Florida to the Carolina's

                                                        2018  Category 3-4 Major Impact Hurricane Irma - Florida

                                                                                                                   Hurricane Harvey - Texas

                                                                                                                   Hurriane Nat - Upper Gulf


Benefits for Your Company

Your company will enjoy a high benefit/cost ratio when you use our unique hurricane and tropical storm risk predictions.  Millions of dollars can be saved/earned through reduced losses and/or increased profits by taking appropriate actions for your industry operations.  Knowing the risk probabilities for hurricane and tropical storm force winds for specific zones on the U.S. east and Gulf coasts (far in advance of the hurricane season) can be of immense value to your company.


Industries that will benefit greatly include the INSURANCE and REINSURANCE industry as well as other WEATHER-sensitive industries such as Transportation, Agriculture, Construction, Outdoor Recreation, etc. Manufacturers and/or or Distributors of industrial or consumer products used to mitigate impacts of adverse weather conditions will also realize the high benefit cost ratio from our unique hurricane risk predictions.


Stratigic Planning

If you are in the reinsurance or insurance industry, you can use the risk predictions for strategic planning. You can decide which zones you may want to write new property and loss policies (predicted low risk zones) and which zones you want to either not write new policies - or hold new policies to a minimum (predicted high risk zones). If you are in other weather-sensitive industries you can use the risk probabilities to take actions to maximize your product distribution and minimize your risk of potential damage, among other actions you would consider that would improve your bottom line.


Reduce Your Risk

You would use this information to reduce your risk - and to determine where to invest to manage distributions and inventory. Our risk predictions have proven to be accurate the last 3 hurricane seasons. Please click on the Verification section on the sidebar for details.


Explore and evaluate the information on our website. If you have interest in what we provide, please call us for a presentation to you and your staff or to discuss a customized proposal.


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