David A. Dilley

                                                      CEO and Senior Research Scientist

                                                      Global Weather Oscillations, Inc. (GWO)








Professor David Dilley is a Meteorologist-Climatologists-Paleoclimatologist and a former NOAA National Weather Service Meteorologist. Professor Dilley is CEO and senior research scientist for Global Weather Oscillations (GWO), a company heavily involved in research and development of technology for prediction of natural climate and weather cycles.

Professor Dilley’s preseason hurricane landfall predictions have proven to be the most accurate of any organization.  During the past 5-years, Mr. Dilley predicted the actual landfall locations for all 17 hurricanes that made landfalls in the United States since the year 2016.  The predictions were made 7-months prior to the landfalls and included - the actual strength of most of the hurricanes. 

​Professor Dilley has spent the past 30-years researching cycles of the climate – such as hurricane landfall and winter cycles.  Research by Professor Dilley, isolated selective electromagnetic gravitational cycles of the earth-moon-sun and their interactions with the earth’s various climate cycles. It has been found that selective strong electromagnetic gravitational forcing on the earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and the outer and inner core of the earth – cause a profound forcing of the climate and weather features on earth.

The prediction models developed by Mr. Dilley are based on “the Earth’s Natural climate pulse and the scientifically proven "Milankovitch Cycles" of the earth-moon-sun cycle.  The prediction technology developed by Professor Dilley is called - “ClimatePulse Technology”, and is used by Global Weather Oscillations to correlate ClimatePulse Cycles to historical weather/climate events.  After correlations are performed, GWO utilizes the ClimatePulse Cycles for predictions of future weather and climate cycle events such as: hurricane landfall cycles and locations for landfalls, winter outlooks, climate change.

Mr. Dilley formed GWO in 1992 with the specific understanding that climate and weather events occur in cycles, and it is the Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) that controls the Earth’s Natural Climate Pulse, and most other climate cycles.  Mr. Dilley has a patent pending for GWO's *ClimatePulse Technology model that predicts cycles of the climate and weather events – such as hurricane landfall cycles, winter weather and climate change. 

Mr. Dilley is a world leader in - Climate Pulse Technology Research - Climate Change Predictions and Hurricane Landfall Cycle Predictions.  He publishes frequent articles in newspapers and web sites world-wide pertaining to Climate Change and Hurricane Season predictions.  A peer reviewed EBook written by Mr. Dilley (Earth's Natural Climate Pulse) is available free of charge in the Climate Section of the GWO web site www.GlobalWeatherOscillations.com.  The eBook and Power Point presentations contain peer reviewed research by Mr. Dilley and scientists throughout the world.

Mr. Dilley’s 42-years of research found the Natural ClimatePulse to be a naturally occurring powerful forcing mechanisms of the Earth-moon-sun gravitational cycles. Professor Dilley has noted that natural gravitational cycles of the earth-moon-sun has an extremely high correlation to historical events and is the main controlling factor in the Earth's Climate Pulse and recurring cycles of global warming and cooling, hurricane landfalls locations and intensities, hurricane cycles, the El Niño and La Niña, and other climate cycles such as colder or milder winters and historical regional floods.

ClimatePulse cycles are an integral player with extremely high correlations to past and future events.  It is the ClimatePulse cycles that controls and regulates the meandering positions of the Atlantic and Pacific High Pressure centers from one year to the next, and pulses within the oceans, the Arctic, atmosphere and earth's inner core. 


Mr. Dilley's research is the foundation for GWO's NaturalClimate Pulse Technology (patent pending) - and is utilized in atmospheric and climate/weather prediction models created by Mr. Dilley and Global Weather Oscillations.  The ClimatePulse Technology Models are utilized to predict specific climate/weather events in advance - such as high accurate regional hurricane landfalls for 13 United States and Lesser Antilles zones 8 months in advance, El Niño events, and a pilot program for regional earthquake predictions and regional flood-drought forecasts.  The broader Climate Model is utilized as an accurate predictor for climate change - specifically the recurring 220 to 230 alternating Global warming and Global cooling cycles. 

In 2009, a full 16 months in advance of the 2011 hurricane season, GWO’s *Climate Pulse Technology Model predicted a major storm to impact New Jersey - Metropolitan New York City - Long Island and the southern New England coast during the 2011 hurricane season.  The storm was called "Hurricane Irene".   In 2010, GWO predicted that a strong tropical storm or hybrid hurricane would impact the northeast states in 2012.  This storm came to be known as the "Super Hurricane Sandy".

In 2016, Mr. Dilley predicted the Coastal Hugging Hurricane Mathew a year in advance. In 2017, Mr. Dilley Predicted 8-months in advance the Great Florida Hurricane of 2017 (Irma) and the ending of the 12-year Florida hurricane drought, and the ending of the 9-year Texas hurricane drought (hurricane Harvey.  And in 2018, predicted a major category 4 hurricane for the upper Gulf area of the United States.

   In 2020   Professor Dilley predicted 7-months in advance - the United States hurricane landfall locations and

strengths of all 6 hurricanes that made landfall along the United States coastal areas.

   In 2019   Professor Dilley predicted 7-months in advance - the exact United States hurricane landfall locations

and strengths of hurricanes Barry and Dorian 

  In 2018   GWO's ClimatePulse Technology tracked historical hurricane cycles and predicted the exact landfall

                 location and strength of the major Hurricane Michael - 6 months in advance.

  In 2018   Predicted the landfall location and strength of Hurricane Florence in the Carolina's - months in advance

  in 2017   GWO and Mr. Dilley Predicted 8-months in advance the Great Florida Hurricane of 2017 (Irma) and the 

                 ending of the 12-year Florida hurricane drought

  In 2017   GWO and Mr. Dilley Predicted 8-months in advance that Texas would likely end their 9 year

                  hurricane drought - Hurricane Harvey made landfall

  In 2016   GWO predicted the Coastal Hugging Hurricane Mathew a year in advance


                                                         Correctly Predicted 1 to 3 Years in Advance

  • 2008  Hurricane Ike

  • 2009  El Nino - No Hurricane Strikes

  • 2011  the Great Mississippi River Flood

  • 2011  Hurricane Irene

  • 2012  Hurricane Issac

  • 2012  Hurricane Sandy

  • 2013  Weak Hurricane Season - no United States landfalls

  • 2013  Polar Vortex Outbreaks for the Eastern 3/4 of the United States

  • 2014  Hurricane Arthur coastal hugger

                     "No" El Nino predicted for 2014

  • 2014  Polar Vortex Outbreaks for the Eastern 3/4 ofd the United States

  • 2014  Correct number of named Atlantic Basin storms, hurricanes, major hurricanes

  • 2015  Polar Vortex Outbreaks for the Eastern 3/4 of the United States

  • 2015  Correct number of named Atlantic Basin storms, hurricanes, major hurricanes

  • 2016  Strong Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season

  • 2016  United States Blizzards - winter of 2015-2016

  • 2016  Correct number of named Atlantic Basin storms, hurricanes, major hurricanes

  • 2017 Snowy United States winter

  • 2017  Most Dangerous and Costly U.S. Hurricane Season Since 2005 

  • 2017  Most Dangerous and Costly U.S. Hurricane Season Since 2005 - and it occured

  • 2017  Irma the Great Florida Hurricane and the ending of the 12 year hurricane drought

  • 2017  Ending of the 9-year Texas hurricane drought - Hurricane Harvey


At GWO, Mr. Dilley performs ongoing climate cycle research based on the Earth's Natural Climate Pulse as caused by the Primary Forcing Mechanisms (PFM) for climate cycles.  Develops specific climate cycle models for generation of climate/weather predictions years into the future.  These forecasts include but are not limited to regional hurricane and tropical storm force wind probabilities, El Niño forecasts, regional earthquake predictions for strong earthquakes, specific regional historical weather events, such as winter predictions from North America to Europe, recurring regional floods of historical nature, climate change research and predictions and outlooks.




     Extensive education, research and experience in Meteorology and weather prediction, climatology and Paleo Climatology.

     Astronomy and the interactions with the Earth's atmosphere, oceans, inner core - which all relate to cycles of climate,

     weather, earthquakes and historical weather events.


     B.S. in Meteorology, M.S. in Meteorology and Climatology, long-term research and development in numerous fields

     equivalent to - or greater than most doctorates.                  Doctorate.  (Hon. Causa).

     Thesis “Possible Causes for Climate Cycles”Degrees in Meteorology - Climatology:   Rutgers University:    

     Additional Courses and Training:  Tropical Meteorology - Oceanography - Aviation Weather - Climate Cycles - Astronomy  -

                                                                 Severe Weather -  40 years of research - and much more...



    NOAA National Weather Service 1968

    USAF 1968 - 1972 (Captain - Weather Officer)

    Rejoined NOAA - National Weather Service in 1972 - Meteorologist in Charge, Lead Forecaster, Quality Control Officer

    Current - CEO and Senior Research Scientist Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO)


Prior to forming GWO in 1992, Mr. Dilley began his weather career as a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service (NOAA).  He then served as a U.S. Air Force meteorologist, leaving the Air Force with the rank of Captain.  Mr. Dilley then re-joined the National Weather Service (NWS) and during the next 16 years served in various positions in - research - senior forecaster - and supervisory positions.


Mr. Dilley formally began researching climate cycles while attending graduate school at Rutgers University in 1978, with his Thesis titled - “Possible Causes for Climate Cycles”.  This formally began his career in Climate Research and Prediction Models, and by 1992 Mr. Dilley identified the Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) that controls the approximate 3.5-year temperature cycles of sea surface temperatures in the tropical South Pacific Ocean.  It quickly became apparent that the PFM forcing mechanism showed a near 100 percent correlation to the formation of El Niño’s in the central South Pacific.


In 1992 Mr. Dilley formed Global Weather Oscillations, Inc. with the clear understanding that most weather and climate we

experience on earth are cyclical in nature, and driven by this “Natural PFM" cycles that control the Earth's "Natural Climate Pulse". Continuing research over the next decade uncovered very high correlations between the Natural Climate Pulse to regional snowfall trends, Climate Change Cycles. In 2005 to early 2006, the “regional hurricane landfall” model was developed, and in early 2008 the Climate Pulse Technology Model for Climate Change and the 220-year warming and cooling cycles was made public in his first Ebook, and his second EBook (Earth's Natural Climate Pulse) in 2012.



  •     American Meteorological Society (AMS)

  •      National Weather Association (NWA)


Research Papers EBooks Authored

  •     Frequent climate articles for world-wide web sites, and newspapers.

  •     Author:  EBook "Earth's Natural Climate Pulse" (2009 and 2012).  Peer reviewed and now available "Free" on our web site

                            in the climate and speaker section

  •     Author:  eBook "Global Warming - Global Cooling, Natural Cause Found"  2008, (peer reviewed and assisted by

                            David Spiegler - peer reviewer for the American Meteorological Society - AMS)

  •     Author:  "Gravitationally Induced Precipitation Oscillations", Manuscript 1995, author David Dilley

  •     Author:  "On The Correlation of Lunar Syzygy Declinations and El Nino Events", Manuscript 2004, author David Dilley

  •     Cutting edge research 1990 to present with the discovery of the Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) for climate cycles

  •     Extensive research 1991 to present formulating El Nino forecasts in relation to the PFM cycles

  •     Cutting edge hurricane landfall forecast model based on the PFM cycles and analog years (2006)

  •     Cutting edge earthquake model in 2011

  •     1991-present, Cutting edge Climate Change research


PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES and Speaking Engagements


  •   Hurricane Prediction Webinars - frequent webinars

  •   Frequent world-wide web site articles, newspaper articles - Climate Change and Hurricane Season Predictions

  •   Presentations on the "Earth's Natural Climate Pulse that causes an El Niño, hurricane tracks landfalls.

  •   Speaking engagements around country on "Earth's Natural Climate Pulse" - Climate change - global warming cycles,

          global cooling cycles.

  •   Television Interview with 49-minute lecture.  August 2015 (can be watched on this web site0

  •   Numerous articles on the climate

  •   Climate Change Speaking Engagements - frequent invites - Natural Climate Pulse

  •   Former co-host of weekly radio show – “Politically Incorrect Weather Guys”.

  •   Keynote Speaker at the annual meeting of Save Our Shores (twice)

  •   Keynote Speaker for the annual convention of "the Society for Scientific Exploration" Boulder Colorado, June 2012.

  •   Invited speaker for the National Weather Association's (NWA) National Conference 2002

         “Primary Trigger Mechanism that causes El Niño’s and other climate changes”.

  •   Invited speaker for the NWA National Conference Oct 2006, “the Primary Forcing Mechanism" that causes

         regional historical  floods, regional hurricane landfall cycles, the El Niño and other weather cycles”.

  •   Invited speaker for the South East Coastal and Atmospheric Processes Symposium April 2007 “the

         Primary Forcing Mechanism"  that causes regional historical floods, regional hurricane landfall cycles,

         the El Niño, global warming and other  weather cycles”.


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