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                                                   Hurricane Predictions

                                      United States and the Lesser Antilles
                                                             ClimatePulse Technology
                                                                   (developed by GWO - patent pending)
                       Most Accurate Pre-Season and Pre-Storm Predictions -  10 Years Running - 87% Hot Spot Accuracy
GWO Predicted
The next 15-years (2016 through 2031) will be the most active and dangerous in 70-years
Predicted 2015 would have 10 named storms and at least 2 U.S landfalls - 10 occurred with 2 landfalls
Predicted 2016 would have 15 named storms and 2 U.S. landfalls - 15 occurred and there were 2 landfalls
Predicted 2017 would have 16 named storms, 2 major U.S. impact hurricanes
18 occurred with 2 major impacts
Predicted 2018 would have 16 named storms, 2 major U.S. impact hurricanes - 15 occurred with 2 major impacts
Detailed 2018 United States and Lesser Antilles Hurricane Zone Predictions:   click here



GWO presents informational Webinars for groups, small businesses, large companies, government agencies,

 emergency preparedness companies and agencies that are interested in learning more about

 hurricane predictions by Global Weather Oscillations Inc.

 Presentation details GWO's near 90% hot spot prediction performance during the past 9-years,

 and why GWO is the top performer the past 9 years.

 Provides a review of the 2013-2014 hurricane seasons and an overview of the upcoming 2015 season

and GWO's prediction zones and the *Climate Pulse Technology developed by GWO (*patent pending).

Sign up and learn why it is not important to predict how many named storms there will be ...



GWO predicts months in advance

where the storms will make landfall

s during the next 1 to 4 years


Events Correctly Predicted - 1 to 3 Years in Advance - with 87% hot zone accuracy

2018   Landfall location for hurricanes Michael and Florence  - predicted 2 major U.S. impact hurricanes

2017   Landfall location for hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Hermine - predicted 2 major U.S. impact hurricanes

2016   Landfall location for 2 United States hurricanes 

2015   Predicted 10 named storms at least 2 landfalls for 2015 - Atlantic Basin had 10 named storms 2 U.S. landfalls

2014   Predicted Coastal Hugger "Arthur" 6 months in advance

2014   Predicted "Typhoon Rammasun" Manila, Philippines 

2014   Predicted that "No" El Nino would occur during the 2014 hurricane/typhoon season

2013   Only organization to predict a weak 2013 hurricane season

2012   Hybrid Hurricane Sandy .. strongest cycle in 50 to 110 years

2012   Hurricane Issac

2011   the Great Mississippi River Flood

2011   Hurricane Irene ... strongest cycle in 50 to 110 years

2009   El Nino year- No Hurricane Strikes 

2008   Hurricane Ike




Click Images to Enlarge

Figure 1 - Compares 2013 predictions issued by organizations. 

The 2013 hurricane season was the third weakest in 52 years and similar to the weak 2009 and 1982 seasons.GWO predicted 2013 would be weak and similar to 2009, with no United States hurricane landfalls.GWO's predictions were the most accurate in 2013, and have been the most accurate for 8 consecutive years.GWO predicts hurricanes - typhoons and/or tropical storms that will influence coastal areas up to 4-years in advance.


Figure 2 - 2013 Tropical Storm   "Hot Spot" Predictions

 No Hurricane Landfalls predicted

GWO predictions are released in December each year.  GWO predicted there would not be any hurricanes influencing  the United States in 2013, but did predict a "High Risk" Hot Spot area for tropical storm activity within the area.

Figure 3 - GWO Predictions Correctly Predicted the Hurricane Seasons the Past 5 Years

Table on the left shows GWO's prediction accuracy versus the other 8 leading prediction organizations since 2009.  A check mark indicates a correct prediction, X notes an incorrect prediction.   GWO correctly predicted all 5 years from 2009 through 2013. Other organizations were  incorrect in 2009, 2012 and 2013.

Figure 4 - 2011 "Hot Spot" Prediction for Hurricane Irene

This graphic shows a High Risk "Hot Spot" for a hurricane from North Carolina to New England.  The prediction was released a year prior to Hurricane Irene hitting the area in 2011.

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