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GWO Cited by News Media 

"By Far the Best Hurricane Prediction"


Any Major Organization in 2017

Press Release 04 Dec. 2017  click here     Media Article here

Only GWO Predicted 2017
Would Be The
Most Destructive and Dangerous Hurricane Season Since 2005
 Predicted:  2017 Season            16 named storms     8 Hurricanes     4 Major Hurricanes    6 United States Landfalls

   2017  Season saw: 18 named storms   10 Hurricanes     6 Major Hurricanes    6 United States Landfalls  

Predicted:         Major hurricane for Florida (Irma) - Texas breaking out of long hurricane drought (Harvey),
Category 1 hurriane for Upper Gulf  
Sample of an Actual 2017 Zone Prediction
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How Well GWO Predicted

2016 and 2017 Hurricane Seasons

-  92% Accuracy -



 Press Release    5 Months Prior to the Beginning of the 2017 Hurricane Season

 Strong 2017 Hurricane Season  - full Press Release  click here

 United States will have 6 Named Storm Landfalls

 Most Dangerous and Costly Season in 12-years  

GWO's Prediction Zones Released in January 2017 - Correctly Predicted

Great Florida Hurricane of 2017 - Breaking out of 12 year quiet period

Texas - Breaking out of their 9-Year quiet period 

2 MaJor Impact Hurricanes for the United States (had 2 - Harvey and Irma)

 6 Named Storms will make Landfall (had 6)


View - Actual Florida Predictions Released in Feb. 2017  click here

Pre-Season Prediction Verification Accuracy by Organization  2009 - 2017   click here 

Prediction Accuracy by Organizations Past 9-Years  2009-2017   click here


                    Predicted:    9 Months in Advance

2017    Would be the Most Expensive and Dangerous Season Since 2005

2017    Would have 6 named storm landfalls in 2017 - had 6

2017    El Nino would not develop - Neutral Conditions for the Season

2017    Category 3-4 Hurricane Irma - Great Florida Hurriane of 2017

2017    Category 1 Nate landfall between New Orleans - Mobile

2017    Texas - breaking out of their 9-Year Hurricane Drought 

             Landfall just above Corpus Christi

2017    Hurricane Conditions for New England - Super Storm came

            October 30th with Category 1 conditions

2016    Coastal hugger Category 3 Hurricane Mathew FL-NC

2016     Category 1 Hurricane Hermine (Upper Gulf)

               Tropical Storm  conditions into Zones 8-5-4-3  (Georgia to the Carolina's) 


                                 click here for 2016 Review     



Pre-Season Hurricane Accuracy by Organizations - click here 

Hurricane Climatology by Month                                           click here

Hurricane and Weather Graphics                                click here     

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