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Newly Released Findings

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    Coming Late November 2023

New Climate Change Video by Professor David Dilley 

  Distorted Science by NOAA, IPCC, Education System, Media

the Real "Climate Deniers" and Political Science

1.    Signals Global Cooling- Beginning in Earnest

a  El Nino changing atmospheric circulation
b.   North Pacific Cool Phase now Beginning and Changing Weather          Patterns

c.    Electromagnet ClimatePulse - Cooling North and South Poles 


2.    Rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Since 1850

 "Near 80% Natural"

from published peer reviewed journal papers

and Professor Dilley's research

2.    Historical Ice Core Data - Under Estimates 

       Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide During Interglacial Periods

3.    Error in NOAA's Instrument Readings since 1850

        for Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide


4.   No Additional Sea Level Rise After 2024

 Professor David Dilley - Global Weather Oscillations

- see Videos in Video Section -


Professor David Dilley - Global Weather Oscillations

Presents Scientific Peer Reviewed - Proof 


Based On:  Peer Reviewed Journal Publications & Professor Dilley's Research)


See Video in Video Section - and New Research Paper (below) 

Professor Dilley's video

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Just Released

Major Error in NOAA's Calculation

of Atmospheric Anthropogenic CO2


Health Physics Journal


February 2022


Summary of the Journal Paper 

NOAA's Calculation of Anthropogenic CO2


- Findings -

Rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is "nearly 80% Natural"

1.   Error in Real Time Carbon Dioxide Readings by NOAA

Research describes an error by NOAA in measuring Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Isotopes. The infrared spectrometer does not separate the 3 Carbon Dioxide Isotopes (12,13, and 14) and thus - it is not a direct measurement separating the 3 isotopes - thus, an algebraic formula is utilized in an attempt to distinguish isotopes.


2.  Error Found in NOAA's Algebraic Formula

NOAA utilizes an algebraic formula in an attempt to distinguish how much of the atmospheric carbon dioxide is isotope 12 (natural carbon dioxide) - Isotope 13 (volcanic) and Isotope 14 (radioactive Fossil - anthropogenic).

The new research found a simple error and assumption in NOAA's algebraic formula.  The correction in the algebraic formula shows that NOAA's the estimated rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide since the year 1750 - is at least 77% Natural and only 23% anthropogenic.  NOAA's uncorrected formula falsely indicates that the rise in carbon dioxide since 1850 is 100% Fossil Fuel.


Total atmospheric concentrations are 88% Natural and only 12% anthropogenic Fossil - Far too Little to Cause Climate Change.


Health Physics Journal


World Atmospheric CO2, Its 14C Specific Activity, Non-fossil Component, Anthropogenic Fossil Component, and Emissions (1750–2018)

Authors: Skrable, Kenneth; Chabot, George; French, Clayton Health Physics. 122(2):291-305, February 2022.


Article Link:,_Its_14C_Specific_Activity,.2.aspx


Supporting Documents


Title: Derivation of equations and example calculations of the components of CO2.



The file for the supporting document is attached. This six page supporting document provides the methodology used in our paper, example calculations, significant results, and a summary and conclusions. It provides both a clarification of the assumptions and methodology used in our paper as well as incentive for the reader to look further into the controversies surrounding the subject of climate change and global warming and whether or not they have a significant anthropogenic cause. The last page includes two links relating to the to the controversies:




Press Release


Global Weather Oscillations

17 March 2021  - 2022 Winter Outlook and Climate - United States - Canada

      Read here

Coldest Air in Over 30-Years Now Building Across

Central Canada and Siberia During July and August 2021




Time for Media and IPCC to Wake Up on Climate Change


Earth is Transitioning to Long-Term Global Cooling Cycle

  Commentary by Professor David Dilley

  Meteorologist - Climatologist - PaleoClimatologist


  November 2019 - updated February 2021

For about a decade and especially during the past five years, the media has been extorting the truth by blaming most weather events on human induced climate change.  Every flood, strong hurricane,  tornado, high tides and even cold temperatures - have all been blamed on human induced global warming as the cause.


Fact is - weather events are cyclical, and we have floods and hurricanes all the time – and their severity occur in cycles.  Back in 2019. Venice Spain had two thirds of their city streets underwater, and of course it was blamed on global warming.  Fact is - a powerful storm occurring in conjunction with a cyclically strong full moon caused the flooding – this occurs often with strong lunar tides that cycle over time.  This particular flood was very similar to their flood in 1966 that occurred during a strong lunar event - and it was in a cold weather period in our history.  Media - please dig out your history books and learn.  These events have occurred before and will again – this is proven science.


In 2019 - an early cold snap froze crops and buried fields in snow across the upper mid-west of the United States and some Canadian provinces.  This resulted in crop losses for many farmers not seen in over 60 years.  In addition - much of Europe experienced one of the worst winters in 25 to 60 years.  And how did the media respond to this?  Once again - the media and some savory science and climate groups said – it was caused by human induced climate change (global warming).


And now during the 2021 winter, deniers of natural climate cycles (climate change global warming alarmists) – are shocked as a record-breaking cold Arctic Vortex outbreak griped the United States in Mid-February 2021.  It was the Coldest Arctic blast in over 30 years for this region, and some snowfall totals broke records not seen since the late 1800s.  And this is not a Fluke - parts of Europe, Asia other regions around the world have likewise experienced similar weather in 2021.  And alas – not a word from the global warming alarmists or media in an attempt to tie the increasing cold during the past couple winters to global warming. 

Could this be the beginning of what is to come?  Earth has had 6 global warming cycles during the past 1,200 years. They are cyclical and recur like clockwork approximately every 230-years, and last about 75 to 85 years.  The warm cycles are then followed by a long-term dangerous global cooling cycle.  The current global warming cycle is on its 85th year and beginning to gasp for breath.  Is the current global warming cycle now transitioning to the next 85-year very dangerous Global Cooling Cycle?  They are cyclical and recur like clockwork.


We should all ask ourselves - Is it time for the Media to Wake Up and print the truth concerning the lies and extortion of the public by agenda seeking organizations?  And, is it possible that the organizations actually know that a major Global Cooling Cycle is about to set in - and this is why they are pushing hard and quick for what they want before the public catches on?


Please do your homework Media - learn the truth about natural climate cycles - do not try to alter natural cycles - unless you want to kill the earth!

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