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Question... Why is this important research on global warming not being published in a science journal?


Answer... The research published online as an e-book certainly warrants being published in a leading science journal, such as the Journal of Climatology. However, new findings that are not in the mainstream thinking usually require a year or more to get published. Therefore, because the research is time sensitive (global warming likely ending before it could be published), Global Weather Oscillations Inc. has taken upon itself to have the research peer reviewed by a cross section of meteorologists in a timely manner. By doing so, this very important research can be presented at a much earlier time to the general public and all science researchers around the world.



Question... Your company indicated that no grants or outside funding were received for this research. Why is this?


Answer... During the past few years, federal grants to study natural cycles were not available. Other entities such as oil and energy companies likewise were not issuing grants, mainly because it was politically correct to stick to the mainstream thinking that global warming is almost entirely caused by the burning of fossil fuels.



Question... It does not seem logical that a private company that is not receiving research grants could possibly come up with such astounding research. After all, universities around the world have been studying global warming for years, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) essentially says "the debate is over", global warming is caused by emissions of carbon dioxide.


Answer... Actually many scientists have researched possible connections between lunar gravitational cycles to climate cycles, but have been unable to make a clear connection. But I did something a little different in my studies. First of all, I dug much deeper into the cycles of the moon, and looked at the big picture by tying many facets of science together. Most researchers only look at specific things, with their research tending to have tunnel vision. By expanding the research and eliminating tunnel vision, everything tied together nicely.

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