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           Tampa Florida - Ocala Florida USA



                                    News from GWO




04 January         Hurricane zone predictions now available in the GWO store 

16 January         Speaking Presentations


10 March- Climate Change - unexpected climate disaster is coming

         Inverness - Florida

26 February - Climate Change - unexpected climate disaster is coming

         Villages - Florida

20 February 2020 - Climate Change

Ocala, FL

Rotary Club of Ocala and Silver Springs

 18 February 2020 - Climate Change and Hurricanes

                           St. Petersburg, FL

                           Large Insurance Company

16 January 2020  - Climate Change

          Lecanto FL

Military Officers Association of America

                                       Climate Change - Outlook 2025-2055 - response required by military


14 February 2020 -  Hurricane Cycles

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

                                                2020 Southeast Region Winter Meeting

                                                 AAMA (American Architectural Manufactures Assoc.

                                                 IGMA (Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance

                                                (Hurricane Outlook and Global Trends in Climate and Weather)

 07 February 2020 -  Hurricane Cycles

          Charleston SC.

                                                 International Hurricane Protection Assoc. (

                                                 Review of 2019 and the 2020 Hurricane Outlook.



04 January            Hurricane zone predictions now available in the GWO store 

15  November    Climate Change article - GWO's blog on the GWO News drop-down menu 

12  August          Latest 2-year El Nino prediction now available in the El Nino section

06  July                California 7.1 earthquake (July 5) was predicted by GWO ClimatePulse Technology

            4-years prior to the event - see earthquake page - more coming

05  July               California 6.4 earthquake (July 4) was predicted by GWO ClimatePulse Technology

            4-years prior to the event - see earthquake page - more coming

03  June              Tracking likely Caribbean-Gulf Development 

01  June              Acquire hurricane zone predictions - join tracking webinars   

01  June              Winter predictions for the U.S. - Canada - Alaska - Europe and British Isles 

06  May              El Nino Prediction released for the period June 2019 into June 2021

14  Mar.              Winter predictions for the U.S. - Canada - Alaska now available

Europe and British Isles - late March

08  Mar.              Professor Dilley will be keynote speaker May 17th - live stream via the

International Hurricane Protection Association

08  Mar.              GWO's Hurricane advertisement - back page of the Florida Governor's

Hurricane Conference May 12-17.  

05  Mar.             Press Release 25 February - click here 2019 Hurricane Season Outlook                                                          

05  Mar.             2019 Hurricane Zone Predictions available for purchase on GWO's store Dec. 19 

24   Jan.              Register here for GWO's free Hurricane Webinar and ClimatePulse

24  Jan.               Professor David Dilley will be speaking at the Republican Club Feb. 29 

04  Feb.               Press Release 2019 Hurricane Season - major impact storms read here  


01 Dec.         Press Release   2018-2019 hurricane landfalls predicted months in advance               

                                                                                Also a preliminary look at 2019

         23  Nov.       Discounts on purchase of 2019 hurricane zone predictions  - contact GWO

         28  Dec.       Weak El Nino beginning to fade - big weather pattern changes in January

         28  Dec.       2019  Hurricane Zone Predictions - Available for purchase December 19

         23  Nov.       Professor David Dilley (GWO) - produced the best 2018 preseason hurricane predictions

                                                 by any organization  - also in 2017 and 2016.

         09  Nov.       Keynote Speaker (David Dilley-GWO) International Hurricane Protection Assoc.

                                                 Charleston, SC 09 November 2018 - Review 2018 Season

                                                 Prediction Numbers for 2019 

        01  Sept.        California entering High Risk Cycle for Major Earthquake Oct. 2018 - find out where

                                                     and when click here

        07-11-2018    El Nino 2-year prediction update now available in the Store and El Nino page


        05-01-2018    Free Get Acquainted Webinar - Review of 2017 - a Look at 2018 - 10:30 am May 01, 2018   Sign Up                                                                            

        04-16-2018    El Nino 2-Year Prediction released  click here

        04-03-2018   Speaker - Presenter (David Dilley - GWO) 

                                        Open to the Public

                                        Eye of the Storm - Hurricane Preparedness -

                                         Museum of Discovery and Science - FT Lauderdale Florida - 19 April 3028


                                         Keynote Speaker (David Dilley-GWO) International Hurricane Protection Assoc.

                                         Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 18 April 2018 - Review 2017 Season and Prediction Numbers for 2018 


               02 Apr.   2018:     Affordable Hurricane Prediction (Starter Option) now available  click here

               01 Apr.   2018:     United States 2019 Winter Prediction now available  click here

               01 Apr.   2018:     British Isles and Europe 2019 Winter Prediction now available  click here 

               09  Mar. 2018:     Lesser Antilles -Leeward and Windward Islands - Now Available - click here for your zone

                                              Press Release - 09 March 2018  - U.S. and Caribbean Hurricane Landfall Zones  click here

               18  Jan.  2018:      Press Release - 2018 Hurricane Season Prediction - Strongest Cycle in 40-70 Years  click here

               12  Jan.  2018:      Now Available - Pick Your 2018 Hurriane Zone Predictions -  GWO Store  click here

                                              Where the 3 to 4 Hurricanes will landfall - and 2 major impact hurricanes


               12 Jan.  2018:      GWO Cited by Media as the Most Accurate Prediction Organization    click here

               12 Jan.   2018:     Why so many landfalls in 2017 - Will 2018 be Similar to 2017   click here


                12 Jan.  2018:       Keynote Speaker (David Dilley-GWO ) International Hurricane Protection Assoc.

                                              Houston Texas 09 Feb. 2018 - Review 2017 Season and Prediction Numbers for 2018 

               03 Dec.  2017:     2018 Predictions:    Another Dangerous Season Coming 

                                                                                  Preliminary Prediction and Press Release  click here


               01 Nov.  2017:    El Nino/La Nina 2-Year update   click here


              Special Hurricane Webinars:  Weekly (2-week outlook with purchase of the Standard or Advanced Option

                                                                      Special GWO Tracking Webinars if a Storm May Threaten (Advanced Option) 

                                                                      Find out where the next storm will make Landfall

Global Weather Oscillations, Inc. (GWO) was formed with the specific understanding that almost all

climate and weather events occur in cycles.  GWO is the "only company" with GWO - Climate Pulse technology (*patent pending) for producing accurate predictions 4 years into the future, and climate change cycles

well beyond 100 years.


GWO specializes in hurricane, tropical storm and typhoon predictions for 11 United States zones from

New England to northern Mexico - and the Lesser Antilles. 


GWO also specializes in Climate Change cycles and historical climate - weather events.

Climate research by David Dilley of GWO, links the very powerful naturally occurring "Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM)" to the Earth's Climate Pulse.  It is the PFM that controls the rhythm of Earth's Natural Climate Pulse, and in turn controls naturally occurring  climate and weather oscillations.   

It is the PFM cycles and the Earth's Natural Climate Pulse that induces cyclical changes in the earth's oceans and atmosphere, and in turn triggers the El Niño, seasonal hurricane tracks, historical regional floods-droughts, Global Warming and Cooling cycles. and many other climate weather cycles.  

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