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GWO's Climate Pulse Technology - *CPT

                           *Patent Pending


Global Weather Oscillations, Inc. (GWO) was formed with the specific understanding that almost all climate and weather events occur in cycles.  GWO is the "only company" with GWO - Climate Pulse Technology (Patent Pending) for producing accurate predictions 4 years into the future, and climate change cycles well beyond 100 years.


GWO specializes in hurricane and tropical storm landfall predictions for 11 United States zones from New England to northern Mexico - and Bahama's Lesser Antilles from the United States/British Virgin Islands South to Tobago. 


GWO also specializes in Winter Oultooks, Climate Change cycles and historical climate - weather events.

Climate research by David Dilley of GWO, links the very powerful naturally occurring "Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM)" to the Earth's Climate Pulse.  It is the PFM that controls the rhythm of Earth's Natural Climate Pulse, and in turn controls naturally occurring  climate and weather oscillations.   

It is the PFM cycles and the Earth's Natural Climate Pulse that induces cyclical changes in the earth's oceans and atmosphere, and in turn triggers the El Niño, seasonal hurricane tracks, historical regional floods-droughts, Global Warming and Cooling cycles. and many other climate weather cycles.  

GWO's Products Include:

1.   Accurate Hurricane and Typhoon Predictions 4 years into the future for 11 United States 

      prediction zones.  Philippine Islands were added in 2014 with many other prediction zones

      to follow.


2.   El Niño Predictions 4 years into the future

3.   Earthquake predictions for California

4.   Climate Change predictions - now in a Global Cooling cycle

5.   e Book - Earth's Natural Climate Pulse

6.   Speakers - nationally known climate change speaker - hurricane cycles

7.   Webinars

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