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"Natural Climate Pulse"













Based on "Peer Reviewed" climate research 

by David Dilley of GWO

  "Peer Reviewed" Research by other Scientists


It is Here - 50 to 100 Year Global Cooling Cycle Has Begun ! 

EBook:               Earth's Natural Climate Pulse by Mr. Dilley -
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 From 90 Years of Global Warming - To - 130 Years of Global Cooling

 2019 Will be Year #1 for Dramatic Global Cooling

 Very Dangerous Cold 2020 to 2060


Video: September 2017  

                               Interview with David Dilley - Senior Researcher GWO

                                   Earth-Moon-Sun and the Climate - What is Happening   click here


TV Interview:   Is Climate Change Dangerous?  Based on the EBook

                                   Full story and video link:   click here        YouTube link:  click here


                       Eye Opening - What is Really Concurring and We Have Not Been Told

                                   Read the truth about Earth's Cyclical Climate - or just being Politically Correct


                                       Provides full picture and understanding - of climate change and cycles of

                               climate change and carbon dioxide



                           One  Hour Interview on WLOB (Maine Talk Radio) August 4, 2013

                                             Click link to listen



Climate research conducted by David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations Inc., links a naturally occurring climate pulse to recurring cycles of global cooling, global warming, carbon dioxide, melting of the Arctic ice, and the year of no summer in 1816.

Mr. Dilley's research directly links strong cycles of the Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) to the Earth's Natural Climate Pulse.  The eBook is a composite of Mr. Dilley's 25 years of research, and other peer reviewed research by leading climatologists and climate researchers.  

The eBook carries the reader through the Natural Carbon Dioxide cycles and  temperature cycles during the past half million years, and compares this to what is happening today.  Natural Climate Cycles are likewise incorporated to show the direct correlation between natural cycles and our current readings.  Mr. Dilley demonstrates that the current levels of carbon dioxide and temperature are perfectly normal for the cycles earth is currently in.

Natural cycles touch almost all phases of climate and weather.  In this eBook and lectures by Mr. Dilley, it is shown that almost all weather / climate events occur in cycles, such as the Super Storm Sandy that struck the northeast United States in 2012 and the Great Mississippi River Flood in 2011.  Both events were predicted well in advance by tracking natural cycles.

The natural climate pulse of earth is governed by the PFM cycles.  These cycles range from daily (ocean tides) and more importantly every 6 months, 4 years, 9 years, 18 years, 72 years, 230 years, 1200 years and 130 thousand years.  Earth is currently coming off a 230 year global warming cycle and dipping into a 120 year global cooling cycle.  They come approximately every 230 years and we have have had 5 during the past 1000 years.  The last one ended in the year 1800 and was followed by dramatic cooling and a year of no summer in 1816.

During early stages of each global cooling cycle, historically strong volcanic activity usually occurs, resulting in unusually cold summer weather, worldwide crop failures, famine and disease. This scenario is not merely a coincidence, it happened in global cooling cycles with the volcano Eldgja in 934 AD, Ringitoto in 1350, Huaynaputina in 1600, Tambora in 1815, and will likely occur again during the upcoming dramatic global cooling cycle that will begin soon.

Read the truth about our Cyclical Climate - or just being Politically Correct.

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