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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Predictions



Accuracy by Organizations




     Accuracy by Organization



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 2016 and 2017 Hurricane Seasons by GWO:    How GWO Performed


 Correctly Predicted:   2017 Would be the Most Expensive and Dangerous

Hurricane Season Since 2005

 Correctly Predicted:   2017 would have 8 hurricane and 4 major hurricanes

 Correctly Predicted:   6 named storm landfalls for the United States during the

2017 season

 Correctly Predicted:   in 2017 Florida would break out of their 12-Year

Hurricane Drought

 Correctly Predicted:   In 2017 Texas would break out of their 9-Year

Hurricane Drought

 Correctly Predicted:   Major Impact Hurricane for Florida in 2017

 Correctly Predicted:   Atlantic Coast Hurricane Hugger Mathew  9 Months in


   Prediction was  Released in January  for Daytona to Georgia

and North Carolina

 Correctly Predicted:   2 to 3 Hurricanes would make landfall in 2016 - and in

which zones

 Correctly Predicted:   Category 1 Hurricane landfall for Zone 9 (Upper Gulf)  in

early September with Tropical Storm conditions

into Zones 8-5-4-3 (Georgia to the Carolina's) 

and a scare for New Jersey and Southern New England


GWO Also Predicted Correctly 1 to 3 Years in Advance  

2016   Predicted:   17 named storms - 9 hurricanes - 4 major - at least 2 U.S. landfalls

Actual:   15 named storms - 7 hurricanes - 4 major -                2  U.S. landfalls

2015   Predicted:  10 named storms - 5 hurricanes - at least 2 U.S  landfalls

Actual:  11 named storms - 4 hurricanes -                2 U.S.  landfalls

2014   Predicted Coastal Hugger "Arthur" 6 months in advance

2014   Predicted "Typhoon Rammasun" Manila, Philippines 

2014   Predicted that "No" El Nino would occur during the 2014 hurricane/typhoon season

2013   Only organization to predict a weak 2013 hurricane season

2012   Hybrid Hurricane Sandy .. strongest cycle in 50 to 110 years

2012   Hurricane Issac

2011   the Great Mississippi River Flood

2011   Hurricane Irene ... strongest cycle in 50 to 110 years

2009   El Nino year- No Hurricane Strikes 

2008   Hurricane Ike


 Pre-Season Hurricane Prediction Accuracy

 Comparisons by Organization


 GWO the most Accurate 2009 through 2017

GWO's 11 Prediction Zones

  Zone Predictions below

 2016 and 2017 Predictions

Named Storms - Hurricanes


Accuracy by Organization















             2015 Predictions by Organization                                                                      2014 predictions by Organization         2013 by Organization




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                    2015 GWO Prediction                  2009 - 2016 El Nino Predictions           2012 GWO Hot Spot Predictions            2011 GWO Hot Spot










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  • Predictions Overview:

            GWO 's hurricane predictions are issued in January, this is the "only scheduled release date".

            The predictions are for the next  1 to 4 hurricane seasons and include: risk probabilities for either hurricane or tropical

            storm conditions within the zone, risk probability for major hurricane conditions within the zone, a complete discussion on the

            Climate Pulse Technology (patent pending) cycles for each zone. Hot zone accuracy has been near 90% since 2006.


            Predictions are primarily for entities requiring planning for extreme events such as hurricanes. GWO's clients include  

            large box retail government agencies - disaster preparedness groups -energy companies, and some small interest

            parties. ​ Further information is available via Webinars (see weekly webinar registration above)


  •  Advantages of Early Prediction Release Dates and 4-Year Predictions:​

             ​GWO's 4 year proven accurate predictions are released in December prior to the upcoming hurricane season.

             This allows lead time for not only the upcoming hurricane season, but also planning purposes for the next 3 hurricane

             seasons, in time for contract negotiations October-December 2013 and a full 9 months in advance of the 2014 season.

             If your company plans to increase or decrease insurance coverage in new or existing locations, the 4 year prediction

             period would be of great value.


     Events Predicted

1 to 3 Years in Advance

Hurricane Climatology

         by Month

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