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2024 Zone 1 -Hurricane Landfall Prediction - webinars not included

2024 Zone 1 -Hurricane Landfall Prediction - webinars not included

Zone 1 - New England - Long Island New York - Metropolitan NYC.

(see Webinars to purchase the Outlook and Tracking Webinars)

This Option includes: Hurricane and Tropical Storm predictions for this zone expressed as High-Risk (expect event to occur) - Moderate Risk - Low Risk (not expected to occur) that hurricane or tropical storm conditions will occur somewhere within you zone. Prediction also discusses how strong the hurricane will be if you have one, most likely landfall spot within this zone, and if it will it be a major impact hurricane. Historical hurricane and tropical storm climatology for the zone, historical years similar to this year. Does Not Include - weekly Outlook Webinars beginning in June, and all Tracking Webinars conducted when a hurricane or strong tropical storm is expected to impact any of the zones total of about 38 or more webinars).  You may purchase webinars separately.  Upon Purchase: You will receive an Email receipt and a link for downloading the Digital the prediction – (it could end up in your Spam Mail) - GWO Copyright 2024

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