2021 and 2022 

Hurricane and Tropical Storm

Landfall Predictions 

 United States - Lesser Antilles


Climate-Pulse Technology by GWO

Most Accurate Predictions - by Any Major Organization




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Predicted 2020 Hurricane Hot-Spots - act

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  Predicted Exact Landfall Locations

 and Hurricane Strengths of all 17-Hurricanes since 2016

Including in 2020

Hanna - Isaias -  Laura - Sally - Delta - Zeta - Eta

7-Months in Advance



Hurricane Season

will be

more active than average


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             2021 Zone Predictions

     United States - Lesser Antilles


     13 Hurricane Zone Predictions here

 U.S. will have 2 Major Impact Landfalls


Interactive Tracking Webinars


GWO Already Knows

Where Landfalls will Occur




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80% of GWO's customers - are return customers


Press Release - Hurricane Season of 2021  03 May 2021 - read here

2021 will be a Very Dangerous Hurricane Season

17 Named Storms - 8 Hurricanes - 4 Major Hurricanes

5 United States Hurricane Landfalls - 2 will be Major Impact



Hurricane Products

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"Hurricane ClimatePulse Technology"

80% of GWO's customers - are return customers

2021 Zone Predictions - and Webinars

Hurricane Hot Spots - Zones - Webinars


 ​- Prediction Packages -

      30 to 50% off during May 


1.   Consumer Package -  13 zones to choose from - add webinars

a.  Pick Your Local Zone - here   (webinars not included)

b.  Enhance Your Zone with Webinars  - here

           45 to 55 Outlook and Tracking Webinars

c.  Accurate Zone Predictions for Your Location - more info


2. Enhanced Package for Business and Corporations - here

Includes:   (now 50% off)

a.  All 13 zones

b.  45 to 56 interactive tracking and outlook webinars

c.  Hot Spot graphic - and more

d.  Follow-up calls for questions and more info

3.  Interactive Webinars - Hurricane Outlook and Tracking Webinars

Enhance by ClimatePulse Technology - for GWO clients


a.   Late May into October  Purchase Here

b.   Weekly 14-Day Outlook Webinars - comparing models

c.   Daily Hurricane Tracking Webinars

(when a storm is expected to influence our zones

d.   Typically track hurricanes  8 to 14 Days Prior to Landfall





During Hurricane Season


 GWO Clients

  Interactive - Tracking and Outlook  

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(included in the Enhanced Business Package)

Weekly Outlook Webinars  (looking 14 days into the future)

Tracking Webinars (daily 7 to 14 days Prior to Hurricane Landfall)

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 GWO knew before any other organization

where every landfall would occur

in 2019 and 2020

Sample Tracking Webinar - Click Here




Outlook and Tracking Webinar 

beginning as needed in May

GWO will Notify You


 Interactive Webinars   Began Tracking all U.S. Landfall Hurricanes

  8 to 14 days prior to landfall


  1.  Webinars Look 2 Weeks into the Future - daily if landfall expected

  2.  Ask questions during the webinars

  3.  Daily tracking webinars if storm is expected to landfall 

  4.  Prediction Zones have an 87% hot spot accuracy since 2009

  5.  Webinars are for clients that have purchased predictions -   purchase here

  6.  Our Clients:  Home owners, Florida's largest insurance companies,   business owners, disaster preparedness companies, big box companies

  7.  Presented by:  Meteorologists Professor David Dilley and  Brad  Sussman




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