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Climate Cycles and Climate Change 

GWO was formed with the understanding that "climate and weather"
occurs in cycles and is controlled by the Earth's Natural ClimatePulse

*GWO is a private corporation not funded by
energy companies, political groups or government grants and/or agencies
   The "Climate" section within this site is dedicated to Climate Change and the following Topics:  


  •          The Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) that drives the "Earth's Natural Climate Pulse" and

associated Cycles of the Climate and related weather patterns

  •          New research - carbon dioxide and temperature cycles

    • New research - how atmospheric carbon dioxide is recorded and measured

    • Cycles of Hurricane Landfalls - Winter Weather - Climate Change - Global Warming and Global Cooling cycles

  •          Free eBook "Earth's Natural Climate Pulse" authored by Professor David Dilley CEO, Senior Research

    •      Scientist for Global Weather Oscillations Inc.

  •          Expert Climate Change Speaker information

  •          Media and especially Professor Dilley's presentations 

  •          Accurate Climate Prediction from 2023 through the next 100 years


New Research Findings

Rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Since 1850

"near 80% Natural"

Professor Dilley - Global Weather Oscillations

Presents Scientific Peer Reviewed - Proof 

Based On:  Peer Reviewed Journal Publications & Professor Dilley's Research)

Professor Dilley's video

see Climate Page in the Video Section (minutes 18 to 32)

 Major Changes Coming !

Now Transitioning (2022-2024)
       Leaving    -  Global Warming   Cycle #6 
       Entering  -   Global Cooling      Cycle #6 
(cycles past 1,200 years)
1.   Greenland Just Gained the Most Ice and Snow - In History
(during Summer of 2022)                      Full Report  -  here
2.  Strongest on Record - Atmosphere's Stratospheric Cooling
(2022 in the  Southern Hemisphere)     Full Report  -  here 
3.  Global Warming and Global Cooling Cycles
 Begin -  at the Poles - and End at the Poles
  • 2022-24   Leaving   -  Global Warming   Cycle #6
Entering  -  Global Cooling      Cycle #6 
  • 2022   Antarctic winter - Coldest on Record
  • 2022   Arctic summer    - Coldest on Record
  • 2022   Greenland summer
         Most Ice and Snow accumulation in History
  • 2021   3rd Coldest January and February on Record
  Alaska into Central and Northern Canada to Greenland
  • 2024   Strong La Nina - New " Pacific Cold Ocean Phase Cycle"
  Dangerous Global Cooling from 2023 through 2085
4.  Current Global Temperatures and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
     Near Normal - for the "Ending Stage" of a Global Warming Cycle
Explained in Professor Dilley's Video - here








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