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Hurricane and Tropical Storm - Landfall Predictions 

 United States - Lesser Antilles

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How Well GWO Predicted Hurricanes Past 5-Years

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 Predicted Exact Landfall Locations

and Hurricane Strengths of all 17-Hurricanes since 2016

Including in 2020

Hanna - Isaias -  Laura - Sally - Delta - Zeta - Eta

7-Months in Advance


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Predicted the Last 17 Landfall Locations

6-8 Months in Advance

Predicted Landfall Hot-Spots

   91%  Correct  in 2019

 100%  Correct  in 2020



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a more costly and dangerous season expected

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Hurricane Season

will be

more active than average


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             2021 Zone Predictions

     United States - Lesser Antilles


     13 Hurricane Zone Predictions here

 U.S. will have 2 Major Impact Landfalls


Interactive Tracking Webinars


GWO Already Knows

Where Landfalls will Occur




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