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Earth's Natural Climate Pulse

*Patent Pending (Climate Pulse Technology for climate/weather predictions)

'"the Rest of the Story"
2019 is Almost Here - Be Prepared!!
It is Here - 50 to 100 Year Global Cooling Cycle Has Begun ! 
Based on "Proven Science" and Peer Reviewed Publications
*Current Conditions and Updates are Provided via Climate Talks by Mr. Dilley
  •     Global Warming and Cooling Cycles begin and End in the Arctic and Antarctica
  •     Warm El Nino of 2015-16 interrupted Global Cooling that actually began in 2013 - El Nino events typically
                                    warm the Arctic and Antarctic - but it has now ended - this will allow dramatic high latitude
                                    cooling  Global Cooling began in the Antarctic and Arctic in 2013 - brief interruption by the
                                    2015-16 El Nino
  •     Antarctica - 2 out the last 3 years (2013-15) - Record Cold and Record Ice Extent Restoration
                                    2015 saw the greatest extent in 35 years -
  •     Arctic - Record Ice Resoration 2013 and 2014 - interrupted by Warm El Nino in 2015-16 (this is normal)
  •     Greenland  - Record Cold Winter in 2015 with Very Little Melting - warm El Nino winter in 2016 - now back
                                   to colder than normal with the 2016-17 winter

Climate Change Article August 26, 2016 by CEO David Dilley - called a must read on many sites World-wide  click here

                                                                 Also the "must see" TV interview below

TV Interview:  Is Climate Change Dangerous?  (August 2015)

Provides full picture and understanding of climate change and cycles of climate change and carbon dioxide


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EBooks 2008 and 2012
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                                                        - EBook Overview -

​Includes: Cycles of Global Warming - Global Cooling - Carbon Dioxide - Volcanoes and Earthquakes -

Cyclical Warm Water Pulses into the Arctic - Climate cycles (temperature and carbon dioxide) induced by the Natural Climate Cycle on the scale of 10 years, 72 years, 230 years, 1200 years, 116 thousand years, and 500 thousand years - Retrieving Climatological Temperature Data - Fiddling with Temperature Data - Is the Current Global Warming Cycle Now Ending?  Is Global Cooling Beginning?


Research by David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations Inc., has found that subset cycles of the scientifically proven "Milankovitch" cycles cause climate cycles and weather cycles.  During the past 40 years Mr. Dilley has researched the "Primary Forcing Mechanism" (PFM) for climate change.  His research and research by other scientists has connected the PFM cycles to the Earth's Natural climate Pulse.

The PFM pulses are linked to the beginning and ending of all 5 global warming and cooling cycles during the past 1,200 years. The strong pulses cause cyclical bulging of the Earth's atmosphere, oceans and stress on the earth's mantle, plates and crust just beneath our feet.

The combination of a rapid natural global cooling cycle in the early 1800s, and the large volcanic eruption of Tambora in 1815, caused the year of no summer in 1816. This resulted in unusually cold summer weather with worldwide crop failures, famine and disease across Europe, Africa and the United States. This scenario is not merely a coincidence, it also occurred in other global cooling cycles with the volcano Eldgia in 938 AD, Ringitoto in 1350, Huaynaputina in 1601, Tambora in 1815, and will likely occur again with the next rapid global cooling cycle that will begin soon.

Cyclical changes in the strength of the pulses likely act as a pulsating plunger on the oceans, atmosphere, and the earth below our feet.  Mr. Dilley's research indicates a strong pulse occurs at the beginning of each global warming cycle, and again at the end of each cycle.  The second pulse signals the approaching end of a global warming cycle, and the beginning of a rapid global cooling cycle.

The PFM Natural Climate Pulse regulates earth's natural rhythm, such as the four seasons and the alternating global warming and cooling cycles which occur about every 230-years.  Just like humans requiring a good night's sleep, global cooling cycles provide earth with periods of rest; and a decrease in carbon dioxide.  During global warming cycles; earth is warm and robust with carbon dioxide naturally reintroduced into the atmosphere.

Mr. Dilley and other scientists indicate that wide swings in carbon dioxide levels likely occur every 230 years as earth goes through natural global warming and cooling cycles. About 1,000 years ago, a global warming cycle had global temperatures as warm as, or warmer than today, and carbon dioxide levels about the same as today.

The current warming cycle, which is now ending, saw the first strong PFM Natural Climate Pulse near the year 1930 and again near 2000, with a 10-year warm period following each of the pulses.  The two warm periods were not only associated with a strong PFM Pulse, but also a pulses of warm North Atlantic Ocean water into the Arctic Ocean.  This resulted in dramatic melting of the Arctic ice from underneath.
With the current PFM Natural Climate Pulse now beginning its decline, the Arctic warm water pulse will cool within the next 8 years.  This will allow rapid global cooling to  begin around the year 2020, with temperatures becoming rapidly similar to those experienced in the 1800's. This will also become a critical period for volcanic activity, with the possibility of a year of no summer not far down the road.

Mr. Dilley combined his research with more than 13 fields of science; with this melded research shedding new light on the earth's past, present and future climate cycle variations.  The author David Dilley is a meteorologist and CEO of Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO), author of "Natural Climate Pulse" and "Global Warming - Global Cooling, Natural Cause Found".

Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO) was formed by Mr. Dilley with the specific understanding that weather and climate occurs in cycles.  If  you understand the natural mechanisms that control climate oscillations, you can predict climate/weather cycles well into the future. 

But, what about climate change (global warming)?  Is it caused or greatly exacerbated by human activity, such as the anthropogenic burning of fossil fuels?  Is carbon dioxide really a bad gas that perpetuates warming?  And if so, is earth now entering runaway global warming and the climate has changed forever?  Or, is earth merely experiencing a natural global warming cycle which is now cycling toward global cooling?  Are the current high levels of carbon dioxide just a natural cycle, and actually very good for photosynthesis and the production of oxygen?

Snow - Winter 2016

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