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Weather Oscillations, Inc. (GWO)


Tropical Cyclone Risk Probability Predictions

East Coast and Gulf Coast of the United States





Issued - January 1, 2011




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Global Weather Oscillations, Inc. (GWO)

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                           2011 Hurricane Season Prediction

                                 Climate Pulse Technology Model by GWO  



Risk Prediction Definitions:

Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) “Climate Pulse Technology” Model assigns a risk probability

expressed in percent for the likelihood that a predicted event will occur.



Definitions:  Risk Prediction

Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) assigns a risk category and probability expressed in percent for the likelihood that a predicted event will occur, or not occur.


                    Risk percent ranges define three categories of risk:    Low,  Moderate and High.


                                                            Hurricanes - Tropical Storms:

                                       Category                  Probability                             Prospect

                                         High Risk                 60% to 80%                       likely to occur

                                      Moderate Risk        40% to 55%                      possible – but not likely

                                      Low risk                    5% to 35%                        not expected


                                                                            Major Hurricane Risk: 

                                                 If a hurricane actually occurs – risk it will be a major hurricane

                                           Category                 Probability              

                                     High Risk                 50% to 70%             (if a hurricane occurs)

                                     Moderate Risk       25% to 45%             (if a hurricane occurs)

                                     Low Risk                 less than 25%         (if a hurricane occurs)


In the Predictions Below –

The predicted risk is compared to the CAAR (average - annual return risk) to the right of the prediction in the prediction table. This provides a reference point for the user to quickly compare the prediction risk for that

specific year to the long-term average annual risk.



Prediction:   For 2011


Zone 2

New York City  Southward  - New Jersey - Delaware - Maryland - to the Chesapeak Bay


                                                                                                Predicted              Event Expected           Average Annual

                                                                                                     Risk                                                                     Risk                  

2011  Hurricane conditions                                            60 %     High               expected  to occur           8 %

           Major Hurricane - if a hurricane occurs          45 %     High               not expected                     3 %

           Tropical Storm conditions                                   70 %     High               expected to occur          28 %


                                                                      Note:  Hurricane Irene hugged the Deleware and New Jersey Coast

                                                                                  Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012


 * Note: when GWO-CPT model predicts a zone has at least a 20% risk for a major Category 3-5 hurricane landfall, it is shown in the indicated forecast and/or outlook period(s) for that particular zone.



Analysis and Summary


This zone is entering one of the strongest and most active Climate Pulse hurricane cycles for the northeast region in the past 50 to 75 years.  


Analysis of the GWO Climate Pulse Technology Model (GWO-CPTM) indicates that this zone has a high risk for hurricane and tropical storm conditions in 2011.  Storm track for 2011 is expected to bring hurricanes traveling from south to north to near Cape Hatteras and then likely continuing up the coast toward Long Island, with the area experiencing either a strong  tropical storm or hurricane in 2011. 













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