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Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic Ice - Major Turn About and Growing

The fact is - the Greenland ice sheet has made a turn-about and is now increasing rapidly. Yes the Arctic ice above the Euro Straights and to the west of mainland Alaska has not done a turn-about because of the warm oceans - but it is right around the corner, possibly this coming winter.

The 2018 and 2019 winter surely had plenty of very cold Arctic air over Central and Eastern Canada with Labrador experiencing an extremely cold spring in 2018 - and thus a rapid rebuilding of the Greenland ice sheet during the winters of 2016 into 2019.

There will not be an El Nino during the next three Arctic Winters of 2019-20 winter, 2020-21 winter and the 2021-22 winter. Thus much less warm air will be pushed into Arctic near Alaska and the Euro Straights between Iceland and Europe.

Thus, I would expect a major change and major ice rebuilding in the entire Arctic Region during the next 3 years.

The link for the Greenland ice sheet is pasted below

WASHINGTON (AP) — A major Greenland glacier that was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on Earth is growing again, a new NASA study finds.

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