2015 Hurricane Hot Spot Map - United States

2015 Hurricane Hot Spot Map - United States

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1. Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) produces a map graphic showing the expected hurricane and/or tropical storm conditions for the prediction year. GWO has a near 87 percent accuracy since 2007.
2. This is a one time issuance upon purchase unless a major update is issued (this is rare).
3. The red zones showing the high risk areas are called "Hot Spots".
4. Hurricane Hot Spots note where hurricane conditions are expected (not all of the hot spot area will have the conditions).
5. Note: This product does not include a text discussion for the predictions, this is only in the purchase of individual zones, or purchase of the entire 11 zone package.
6. This product does not include an El Nino prediction for the upcoming hurricane season.

This purchase "ONLY" includes the "Hot Spots" hurricane graphic for the current prediction year. It also includes a Hot Spot Graphic for Tropical Storm conditions expected during the current year.

For detailed predictions, the 11 Zone Prediction package includes all zones, prediction discussion for each zone, assigned risk values for the zone, the Hot Spot graphic, and the 1-year El Nino prediction. The 1-year 11 zone package is an approximate 30 page prediction booklet manual. The 2-year and 4-year prediction packages are 40 and 40 page.

When purchasing individual zones only, it is about a 17 page package that includes: Description of the zone, climatology for the zone, this years risk predictions for hurricane conditions and/or tropical storm and major hurricane conditions, a text summary describing this years climate pulse cycle and hurricane prediction for the zone.
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