Can You Relate to This Statement ?

"Would you blindfold yourself - and eat whatever someone Feeds You ?

 No - you would not ! 


Then Stop Letting the Agenda Driven Media and Government do it to You

- See the Unblindfolded Truth Below -



New Game Changing

Climate Change Presentation

Coming in November 2021


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Proof - Without a Doubt

Rise in Carbon Dioxide Since 1850

77% Natural 

 23% Due to Fossil Fuels

Natural Carbon Dioxide is Now 380 PPM

Has Occurred Repeatedly During Past 500,000 Years

From Peer Reviewed Research Papers

and Professor Dilley's Research




(cycles since 800 AD)

Leaving Global Warming Cycle #6

During 2023 to 2024

Entering Global Cooling Cycle #6


Coldest Air in Over 30-Years Now Building Across

Central Canada and Siberia During July and August 2021



New Climate Change Videos

by Professor Dilley

Released 04 September 2020

2020 Scientific Findings - Global Warming Changing to Dangerous Global Cooling

Scientific Proof                                   Climate Change Cycles

No Additional Ocean - Sea Level Rise                          Past and Future

                    After 2025                                                               Full Video

27 Minutes                                                                                     57 Minutes

New Look at Climate Change - Unseen Facts and Cause

               Provides New Facts and Predictions

           Why Sea Levels Will Not Rise after 2025

        Climate Change though 2065


This is similar to watching and solving a murder mystery. Professor David Dilley and the viewer collects clues and evidence as we walk through the mystery of Climate Change. Professor Dilley is the senior research scientist for and


-- Watch the Video from Beginning to Ending - if you miss any portion your final conclusion will be invalid ---


The mystery begins by collecting clues about the makeup of earth's atmosphere from 100 million years ago to present time. Other clues and evidence during our walk will include how we determine past and present carbon dioxide levels and temperatures through Proxy Data (approximate values) - cycles of carbon dioxide and temperatures - are the current levels of CO2 dangerous - and the accuracy of historical proxy data.


Further investigation and collection of clues will look at past and present sea levels - the cause for sea level changes - and the prediction from now into 2065 and beyond. After collecting all the clues and evidence - they are linked together to determine what the future will hold. You will be the jury - and the conclusion will be yours.


Professor Dilley ties everything together and presents his conclusion and predictions for sea levels and climate change during the the next 50-100 years, and what our greatest threat concerning climate change will be. The mystery investigates factual clues which control climate cycles during ice ages and inter-glacial warm periods, shorter climate cycles of warming and cooling as related to the Earth's Climate Pulse and interactions between the earth-moon-sun and human activity.

                             Climate Prediction - 2023 through 2065

                                  Sea Level Prediction - 2025 to 2090

             Climate Change Disaster Coming - and we are not prepared

Real Picture moon-earth-sun ClimatePluse

Video:  Released September 2017 

Interview by Dapt 2030 (Oil Seeds Crops)  with David Dilley

Definitive Dates for Onset of Major Global Cooling   click here


Video: Released September 2017

Interview with David Dilley - Senior Researcher GWO

Earth-Moon-Sun and the Climate - What is Happening  click here


Climate Change Article:

August 26, 2016 by CEO David Dilley - called a must see on many sites World-wide  click here


Radio Interview: 

August 2918 Ray Richardson Show WLOB    click here

August 2017 Ray Richardson Show WLOB    click here


TV Interview:    Dangerous Climate Change in 2019 - What the Government and

Media Have Not Told You - Is Climate Change Dangerous?  

Provides the viewer a full picture and understanding of climate change and cyclical climate change

Full story and video link:  click here       YouTube link: click here   

Video builds as it progresses and has a dramatic ending


Professor David Dilley is a Meteorologist - Climatologist - PaleoClimatologist - 

former NOAA Meteorologist Professor Dilley is and currently the Senior Research

and Prediction Scientist for Global Weather Oscillations, Inc.

Mr. Dilley was interviewed on "Mind Your Own Business TV" by Debi Davis. 

His presentation provides the viewer a full picture and understanding of climate

change cycles and carbon dioxide cycles. 

Mr. Dilley combines his own research with peer reviewed research from other

scientists and applies it to what is happening today, and to the likely dangerous

climate change that will occur between  the years 2019 to 2050.

Upcoming Lectures - Presentations 
2019 Several coming up - hurricanes - climate change
Keynote Speaker "International Hurricane Protection Conference" 
Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Charleston SC
Climate Change - Global Cooling - presentations in Florida, Maine, NH
Climate Change interview on WLOB - Ray Richardson Show - Fox News
2018  Keynote Speaker "International Hurricane Protection Conference" 
 Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Houston Tx, Charleston SC
Several Climate Change presentations - 6 videos on YouTube
Climate Change interview on WLOB - Ray Richardson Show - Fox News
2017 Keynote Speaker "International Hurricane Protection Conference"  Charleston SC
Climate Change interview on WLOB - Ray Richardson Show - Fox News
TV interview and 45 minute power point
                             Dangerous Climate Change in 2019 - What the Government and Media have not told you.
                             Comprehensive look at climate cycles, what is true and untrue, climate prediction next 50 years,
                             Earth's Climate Pulse and the dramatic changes taking place at the poles (cooling and ice restoration). 
                             Go to the  Climate Speakers page for the the Video Link



Some Interesting Prior Lectures


​Hurricane Cycle predictions:  Extreme Weather Risk Insurance Management Congress,

                                                   New York City, January 24 2013. 
Keynote Speaker:                     Earth's Natural Climate Pulse, Global Warming-Cooling and Carbon Dioxide Cycles-  

                                                   Boulder Colorado,-21-23 2012, the "Society for Scientific Exploration.   

Keynote Speaker:                     Earth's Natural Climate Pulse. Naples and Gainesville Florida.
Webinars:                                  Hurricane Cycle Predictions - Natural Climate Pulse - insurance companies,

                                                   private sector retail stores, government agencies

Former Co-host "the Politically Incorrect ( PI ) Weather Guys" on IP

Earth's Natural Climate Pulse", Lecture Baldwin Maine 2015.

Earth's Natural Climate Pulse -  Lake City Florida April 21, 2012.
Documentary Film "the Boy Who Cried Warming " released in July 2012.  Features interviews

with Professor Dilley several times in the documentary.

Keynote speaker - Florida State Conventiony. Forecast for the next 200 years. Daytona Florida,

November 4-5-6, 2011.

Keynote speaker - Earth's Climate Pulse. the Villages, Lady Lake Florida, February 13, 2012.
Keynote speaker -  Jacksonville Florida, January 7 2012.  Earth's Climate Pulse
Ocala Florida, January 18 2012....Earth's Climate Pulse, Global Warming-Cooling and

Carbon Dioxide Cycles. Earth's Natural Climate Pulse, Global Warming-Cooling

and Carbon Dioxide Cycles. Forecast for the next 200 years.

                                    Deland Florida, January 19, 2012 .....
Earth's Climate Pulse, Global Warming-Cooling and Carbon Dioxide Cycles.  Friends of Maine Woods

Freeport Maine, September 2111.
Speaker - Earth's Natural Climate Pulse - Warming-Cooling and Carbon Dioxide Cycles. 

Forecast for the next 200 years.  Warren Maine September 2012.
Climate and Carbon Dioxide Cycles, the Cause the upcoming Global Cooling cycle.  

Cushing Maine August 2012

2011 through 2015 

On-going presentations to civic organizations, schools, governments concerning Climate Change, cooling-warming cycles, carbon dioxide cycles. 


Over 100 presentations in Florida, Texas, California, Alabama, Ohio, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont

Bermuda, Colorado and more ...

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