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2017 - 2018

 United States Hurricane Zone Predictions


Most Accurate Predictions by any Organization - 9 Years Running

11 Prediction Zones by Global Weather Oscillations

Climate Pulse Technology
 Developed Exclusively by GWO

87% Hot-Spot Accuracy   


                                     Dec. 15 2016:    2017-2018 Hurricane Zone Predictions - Now Available - go to the maps below

                                                                    4 Different Prediction Packages:  Premium Plus - Premium - Standard - Basic

                                         Dec. 15 2016:    2017 Hurricane Season - Will be More Dangerous and Costly than the 2016 eason

                                                                    Will have the Strongest Landfalls Since 2004 and 2005

                                                                    16 named storms - 8 hurricanes - 4 major - at least 3 United States landfalls 

                                            May 15 2016:    2017 Winter - major changes coming this year and in 2018 and 2019

News from GWO

            GWO's Zone Predictions Zones

                      2017 and 2018 


       Premium Plus Hurricane Predictions:

               by Zone 4-Years into the Future  

        Premium Hurricane Zone Predictions:                        by Zone 2-years into the Future    

        Standard Hurricane Zone Predictions:  

                            by Zone for 2017 

        Basic Hurricane Zone Predictions: 

                            by Zone for 2017

Compare the Packages below

                or click here

                GWO's 2016 Zone Prediction Accuracy

          -  Correctly Predicted with 92% Accuracy -


2016 Would be the Most Expensive and Dangerous Hurricane

                                Season Since 2005-06       

Coastal Hurricane Hugger - Hurricane Mathew Predicted by GWO

                                9 Months in Advance  

United States Would have 2 Hurricane landfalls - and in which zones

                                (had 2 landfalls)

Category 1 Hurricane landfall for Zone 9 (Upper Gulf) with Tropical Storm

                                     conditions into Zones 8-5-4-3 (Georgia to the Carolina's) 

A hurricane would move northeast and cause a scare for Virginia

                                to New Jersey and Southern New England 

  Prediction Packages -     Basic - Standard - Premium - Premium Plus

                            Predictions Released in December and January for 1 to 4 Years into the Future

                        Hurricane and  Tropical Storm Predictions - 11 United States Zones - New England to Texas

     Description - Basic Zone Predictions 


Your Hurricane Zone Prediction for the 2017 Season


1.   GWO's zone prediction of your choice -

      purchase price is per zone

2.   2017 hurricane and tropical storm risk

      prediction for the zone - expressed in percent

      likelihood the event will occur - and categorized

      into Risk categories (High-expected to occur),

      (Moderate - should monitor but not expected),

      or (Low Risk - will not occur)

3.   Risk predictions expressed in percent ranging

      from low to high-risk

4.   Risk predictions for hurricane conditions

      and/or tropical storm conditions

5.   Risk predictions for major hurricanes

6.   Does not include: any of the additional

      information provided in the upgrade packages

      below - (such as  - prediction discussion, climate

      pulse cycle discussion, climate pulse analog

      years similar to the prediction year,

      annual return risk climatology, climatology,

      GWO consultations,  GWO daily email RSS Feeds

      during the hurricane season, or any other


 Acquire your Prediction by clicking Your Zone  

  Webinars:  Free webinars for the 2017 Season                                 Become acquainted with GWO  

  Next webinar:  10:00 am NYC time  (mid Jan.) 

                           click here to sign up

Basic         2017 Hurricane Zone Predictions


Your Zone number

 "Basic Package" 


Click Graphic to Expand

 Click  Your Zone Above - Standard Package

   Description:  Standard Zone Predictions

         Highly Recommended for Small Business 

                       Preparedness - Consumer        


Includes:  Daily Email Updates and Alerts during

                   the Season - and Much More           

 New  1.   GWO will keep you informed during the

                 hurricane season

 New  2.   GWO will send Daily RSS Feeds via GWO email

                 directly to you (during the hurricane season)

 New  3.   GWO direct to you - Email RSS Feeds 4 times

                 daily when a storm is forming or has formed ​

                 a.  National Hurricane Center 5-day and 2-day

                       prediction cone

                 b.  Watches and Warnings issued by the

                      National Hurricane Center   

                 c.  Updates will be 4 times a day when the

                       season is active

                 d.  Hurricane Center's Invest outlooks

                      comparing all the computer models - and

                      projected path and strength

                 e.  Satellite imagery

           4.   El Nino - La Nina Prediction for the season -

                 GWO issues the most accurate prediction

 New  5.   Consultations -email or phone - no extra cost

           6.   GWO's zone prediction of your choice -

                 purchase price is per zone

           7.   Choose your zones or the entire 80 page

                 handbook for all 11 zones

           8.   2017 hurricane and tropical storm risk

                 prediction for the zone - expressed in percent

                 likelihood the event will occur - and categorized

                 into Risk categories (High-expected to occur),

                 (Moderate - should monitor but not expected),

                 or (Low Risk - will not occur)

           9.   ASR (annual seasonal risk climatology) -

                 comparison to the GWO prediction

         10.   Prediction discussion for the zone - Climate

                 Pulse Cycle 

         11.   Historical analog hurricane years similar

                 to this year's climate pulse cycle - Will list past

                 hurricanes that struck your zone

         12.   Risk predictions expressed in percent ranging

                 from low to high-risk

         13.   Risk predictions for hurricane conditions

                  and/or tropical storm conditions

         14.   Risk predictions for major hurricanes

         15.   Predictions are compared to the ASR (Annual

                 Season Climatological Risk) for each zone

         16.   Complete detailed prediction discussion - 

                 a.  Discusses active cycles being tracked by

                      GWO's Climate Pulse Hurricane Model

                 b.  Will a hurricane hit this zone - and where

                 c.   Likely strength of the hurricane

        17.    Detailed Climatology - how often hurricanes or

                 tropical storms occur in this zone

        18.    Detailed comparison of the climatological

                 occurrences to the GWO prediction for this year

        19.    If all 11 zones are purchased - package includes

                 a 70 page prediction manual with hot spot

                 graphics showing all zones 

 Acquire your Prediction by clicking Your Zone  

Standard       2017 Hurricane Zone Predictions


Your Zone number

 "Standard Package"

 Click  Your Zone Above - Standard Package

Click Graphic to Expand